• Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

    Is there any woman in the world who does not like sporting long nails? The chances are slim to none! 

    But here is a bitter truth, growing long nails may be easy, but maintaining them? Probably not!

    Sounds shocking, No?

    Anyone can grow long nails by having a proper nail care routine and nutritive diet, they can even use fake nails as a quick hack for getting them. But the truth is, long nails can come out as an obstacle between your daily life tasks!

  • Make Your Nails Appear Longer With This Nail Contouring Trend

    You thought that the use of contouring technique is just for chiseling out your cheekbones, jawline and nose to get that Kim-K look?

    Well, the glam world is going to prove you wrong!

    Looks like the glam world is not going to get over the contouring trend anytime soon because now, this trend has moved on from face contouring (and yes, not forgetting the “abs” contouring) to nails contouring..

    Yes you read that right.

  • How To Prevent Dry Skin Around Nails

    We use our hands for tons of daily tasks, but we rarely pay attention to them at the end of the day when we are following up with our usual skincare routine. This negligence makes the skin around the nails turn dry and rough.

    Well, No matter how fab your nail polish shade may be, your nails would not look as pretty if the skin around them is dry and split.

    Wait a minute..

    Having dry skin around your nails would not just be unsightly, but pretty painful as well!

  • 5 Ways To Whiten Nails At Home

    Every woman wants to have naturally white, healthy and shiny looking nails.

    But, Let's face it..

    There are certain factors and habits that can lead to yellowing or staining of the nails which, we know, can look a bit embarrassing when you are not wearing any nail polish!

    Don't fret, With a little effort, you can get rid of the stains on your nails easily at your home itself. Today we are bringing you this post about some very simple ways through which you can whiten your nails and make them look as pretty as ever! Yeah, even when they are bare!

    Check out below the top 5 ways to whiten nails at home.

  • Quartz Nails - The New Nail Art Trend

    Fashion trends change from time to time and so do nail art trends! 

    The most fascinating nail art design that is currently in-vogue around the globe is quartz nails. And you guessed it right, it is inspired by the mesmerizing quartz crystals.

    This nail art design has been doing rounds of Instagram and other such social media platforms since mid 2017. Even though 2018 has arrived with a lot of other new nail art trends, we are pretty sure that the quartz nail art trend is not going anywhere anytime soon! 

    With this post, you will get to know all about this trend which is hot off the nail art world!

  • Nail Art you Must Try With DeBelle Nail Lacquers

    Who doesn't love having some extra glam on the nails with cool nail art designs? These stunning nail art inspirations are going to give you one more reason to get your hands on the DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers range! Check them out below.
  • 5 Nail Art Designs For Beginners

    Doing nail art at home is like a piece of cake! It just requires a little bit of patience, practice and a creative mind. With even the simplest of nail art designs, you can totally transform your plain manicure.

    Jazz up your nails with trendy nail art designs that are beginner friendly and don't require any fancy nail art tools! We are presenting you the 5 nail art designs for beginners that you would definitely fall in love with! Check them out below!

  • 8 Cute & Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

    The day of love, i.e. Valentine's day is right around the corner and we hope that your plans for the perfect date with your significant other are sorted! After all, this day is about spending a wonderful time with that special person in your life and expressing your love to them.

    When you are dolling up from head to toe for your Valentine's day date with bae, your nails should not be left out! With all this magic of love in the air, we are definitely in the mood for some Valentine's day inspired nail art designs.. Are you?
  • How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

    Painting nails perfectly like a professional manicurist is not a rocket science, ladies! With the simple steps and hacks mentioned in this post, you can *nail* that salon-like manicure at home with ease. Check them out below to know how!
  • All DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers Swatches | Naturally Enriched Nail Lacquers With Seaweed Extracts

    Nail Polish adds a splash of colour to your hands. It is simply the best way to express your style and give a personal touch to your look!

    DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer is a gel based, high-pigmentation formula which makes the nails look beautiful and bright. These lacquers are available in the latest trendy colours with both, matte and glossy finishes.

    DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers have unique feature of long-lasting staying power with a gel based formula. Also, they do not require UV light to dry. They contain Natural Seaweed Extract that helps to promote nail growth and lets your nails breathe, the formula is one of its kind in India.

  • Best Nail Polish Shades For Different Occasions

    On average, women spend almost 5 months of their working life from the age of 18-65 - deciding what to wear. Well, that is a lot of time ladies! But don't we all do the same while choosing a nail polish colour?

    Whenever we see an occasion approaching, our first thought is "I need to go shopping right away!". Once we are done with shopping for outfit, accessories and makeup, our attention comes towards the nails! Yep, let's not forget about the nails.

    Choosing the best nail polish shade according to the occasion is as hard as choosing an outfit, isn't it? We have made your task of choosing nail polish shades easier for you by charting out some great nail polish recommendations for different occasions. 

  • 10 Nail Art Tips And Tricks For Beginners

    Painting nails is a fun and therapeutic process which many of us enjoy, but do you know what is even better than this?

    Nail art! We are living in an era where creativity is at its peak, so why should we settle for boring nails painted in a single colour when we can unleash our creative side and play with different types of nail arts!

    Today, we are sharing simple nail art tips and tricks which you can use to make your nails look oh-so-gorgeous and trendy.