• Spring Nail Trends For 2019

    After the chilly months of winters comes the jolly and blooming season of spring! This beautiful season filled with cozy sunshine and the constan...
  • Fall Nail Trends

    Mother nature shows us her prettiest lot of colours during the fall season! The joy of walking on crunchy leaves, seeing the leaves change their colour from green to beautiful hues of yellow and orange, we get to experience the splendour of mother nature during this time of the year to the fullest. This new season brings in a lot of fashion trends with it, inspired by traditional autumnal colours and patterns. And while we are talking about fashion trends, we cannot just forget about nails!
  • Bracelet Nail Art Designs

    It was just two years ago when the internet went all cray-cray over a fascinating nail art trend that was created with threads. Yep, sewing threads - not kidding!

    We are talking about the famous bracelet nail art design which was first created by a Korea based celebrity nail artist Park Eunkyung who also has her own brand of nails jewelry named Unistella Nails. She is known for her extraordinary manicures.

  • 8 Floral Nail Art Designs For Beginners

    With the onset of monsoon season, a lot of nature inspired trends start to flourish in the fashion, beauty and nail art world. One of the most perennial trend is floral nail art!

    Floral nail art designs give a very feminine look to the nails. In this post, we are sharing 8 floral nail art designs for beginners with which, you can get some inspiration for your next manicure… because monsoon season calls for a floral nail art!

  • Glitter Nails Trend

    The reason why glitter nails never go out of trend is because one simply cannot get enough of those glitzy nails! From your colourful ethnic outfits to your modern-chic western clothing, glitter nails can go well with all kinds of styles!

    With the festival season kicking in soon in India, you might want to get your nails a little glammed up and add glittery bits to your nail polish stash! Explore some most popular glitter nail art trends in this post and spoil yourself with this everlasting nail trend!

  • 8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

    This monsoon season, make a style statement with your nails! Spend the rainy days of monsoon at your home with a nice cup of tea and nail paints of your favourite shades and get creative with them! Check out 8 monsoon nail art designs in this post.
  • Ace Your Chrome Nail Look

    Some trends come and go, while some popular ones stick around for years!

    The Instagram-given chrome nails trend has been around from a couple of years and we don't think that this trend is going to die down anytime soon!

    It all started with the fancy buff-in chrome nail powders whose videos went viral on the world wide web. Basically, it is a special kind of fine powder with chrome effect which is buffed onto a layer of UV gel nail polish.

  • 7 Creative Red Nail Art Designs That You Should Try!

    While a red manicure looks beautiful on its own, you can spice up the look of it with some fun and trendy nail art designs! If you are in a mood for a red nail art, then here are 7 creative red nail art designs you can use as inspiration.
  • 10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

    Painting nails is not a tough job! But when we do our manicure at home, we may make some mistakes that can ruin the look of our whole manicure. We have brought you a list of 10 nail polish mistakes to avoid - because we want you to nail your nail game and not fail it!
  • 10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

    We are currently living in an era of fashion conscious people. We all want our outfit, makeup and hair game to be on point round the clock - then how can we forget about our nails? Through this post, we are here to tell you about the 10 nifty tips that will help you to always keep your nail game on point!
  • Nail Art Trends Of 2018

    Creativity knows no bounds and when creativity meets the right match, it sets trends! We are half way through 2018 and the nail art trends that we have come across so far do not disappoint us! Explore the top nail art trends of 2018 here!
  • How To Fix A Bad Manicure

    Imagine this, you have spent your leisure time in pampering yourself and painting your nails with your favourite nail polish colour, but the horror strikes.. You end up chipping or smudging your freshly painted nails even before you could take that Instagram-worthy shot of them..

    Sounds like a situation that no woman would ever want to face, right? But it happens to the best of us and such mess-ups can spoil our whole mood!

    Well, after facing this, you would surely not be in the mood to spend another 10 minutes of your leisure time in fixing your nails by redoing all of them, isn't it? Don't worry, here is your little cheat sheet on how to fix a bad manicure easily.. Without having to redo your nails!