Here's Why You NEED A Base Coat With Your Nail Polish!

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a fresh manicure done. But many factors affect nail polish application and its wear & tear.

You might notice that you apply a moisturizer or primer before applying any make-up so that the make-up lasts long and applies smoothly.

Similarly, when you paint your nails, a base coat is necessary. To your surprise, a base coat nail polish has more than just one use, and when you use the DeBelle Top & Base Coat, it gets literal. It is an essential part of nail prep that you shouldn’t skip, and adding this to your nail care routine will also contribute to healthy and happy nails. 

If you’re still wondering, is a base coat necessary? Spoiler alert, it is. But here are the key reasons why you should always use a base coat when wearing nail polish.

Why You Need A Base Coat with Your Nail Polish

1. Extend the life of your manicure Why You Need A Base Coat with Your Nail Polish

Picture this, you have painted your nails and notice that the nail polish is chipping after a couple of days. Sure, we all experience minor chipping while doing household chores. Still, on some critical days, we can’t afford to have chipped nails. The primary purpose of applying a base coat is to make your manicure last longer. 

A base coat will allow the colour coat to adhere better, preventing minor chipping and prolonged wear. While wearing darker nail polish shades, chipping is very visible, so make sure to wear a base coat underneath such shades.

We all want a manicure that lasts forever, and since that is out of the question, a base coat is the most viable option. Say goodbye to messy chipped nails!

2. Base coats prevent staining Why You Need A Base Coat with Your Nail Polish

Have you ever noticed that when you remove darker nail polish, it leaves a hideous stain on your nails? Now, that is not a part of our #NailGoals.

These nail polish formulas contain harsh pigments that can stain your natural nails; thankfully, DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers have a rich formula that contains seaweed extract and are more gentle on your nails.

Once you apply a base coat, it helps your natural nails with an extra layer of protection to fight against these stains.

3. Base coat makes your nails strong Why You Need A Base Coat with Your Nail Polish

Nail breaks are worse than any break up! Having thin and brittle nails means your nails are prone to breaking a lot. Often, when your nails break, many nail layers can peel and cause nail trauma.

But most of the time, nail ridges are entirely harmless. Basecoat adds a little extra support to your nails and prevents them from breaking.

DeBelle Top & Base Coat is enriched with argan oil that makes your nails stronger & healthier. Even if you are not in the mood for a full-blown manicure, simply applying our base coat on its own is a great idea.

4. Smoothen your nails Why You Need A Base Coat with Your Nail Polish

Nail traumas and nail breaks can often cause your nails to have ridges. These ridges can also occur naturally or also have a medical reason behind them for example vitamin deficiency. In all cases when you apply any nail polish shade, the ridges seem prominent and the application isn’t very smooth.

You can use a nail buffer to smoothen your nail surface but the more you buff, your nail loses its strength making them thin and brittle.

Applying a base coat is a healthy solution as it is thick and self-levelling hence it fills in all the ridges making your nails look smooth and even.

5. Your nail polish shows its true colours Why You Need A Base Coat with Your Nail Polish

No, your nail polish won’t betray you; we mean to say that due to all the above reasons, your nail polish gets a chance to shine through with its vibrant colour. Just try it for yourself; apply your favourite colour with a base coat on one nail and without any base coat on the other.

If you look at them side by side, you will notice a difference in colour payoff and smoothness. Make sure to top off your manicures with a top coat for a glossy finish.

Overall, base coats are a meaningful investment and a must-have in your nail polish collection. They provide a smooth surface and strength, prevent staining and make your manicure last longer. And if you choose DeBelle Top & Base Coat, you don’t need anything else as it serves a dual purpose! We are sure that you will love it, so add it to your cart and thank us later!

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