• 7 Tips To Unwind After WFH!

    The key to dealing with stress is allowing yourself to breathe and take time off to relax every now and then to crush that next task at your work. In other words, it is time to prioritize self-care in order to strike a peaceful work and personal life balance. Here are some tips that can help you unwind after work from home!

  • How To Stop Biting Nails - Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails

    Estimates suggest that around 25% of young adults bite their nails. If you are a nail biter who has tried every trick in the book to quit this habit, don't worry! We are here to help you out with 9 tips that will tell you how to stop biting nails!
  • Everything You Need To Know About Hand Sanitizers

    How do we pick the right sanitizer? What do we need to look out for? Are some hand sanitizers better than others? How do they even work? Learn everything you need to know about hand sanitizers with this post!
  • Perfect Fragrances To Pick Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Fragrances are such an inherent part of our lives. Scents can transport us back into the past, help us relive memories vividly. Soothe us when we’re feeling low, elate us when we need elation, and can simply put, be transformative.
  • 6 Interesting Reasons To Sleep For Your Skin's Health

    Getting an adequate amount of sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep benefits your heart, mind, body, and many other things. Poor sleep not only makes you feel grumpy throughout the day but also affects your skin's health by making it appear dull and tired.
  • Colours That Could Complement Your Work OOTD

    Colours make or break your OOTD. 

    And when you are dressing up for your work, you should be more careful while figuring out the colour of your work outfit. Wearing the right colour to work would make you look more professional and put together. How you present yourself at work is crucial to how people perceive you! So always pay a little extra attention while choosing colours for your formal attire!

  • How We Can Encourage More Women To Be In The Workforce

    From the last 3 decades, women all over the world are exceeding men at college degrees. Albeit that, the representation of women at workplaces still has a huge gap.

    Although most companies are trying to make their workplaces' environment gender diverse, women are still lagging behind men due to historical gender bias and inequality. The female employment rate in India tanked to 26% in 2018 and their labour force participation rate still continues to decline. 

  • What It Takes For A Woman To Succeed In The Workplace

    Being a woman in the workplace, you are faced with a lot of obstacles on a daily basis. 

    Even though we have come a long way to create equal opportunities for women in workplaces, gender bias is still a major hindrance to the growth and success of women careerwise. 

  • 5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

    Women are a creative force. Their multidimensional mindset is a cornerstone that every growing company in the 21st century should have. The feminine touch and emotional intelligence of women helps build a healthy workplace environment.