5 Ways To Upcycle An Empty Candle Jar

A nice candle sale, the one at fancy shops made with nature's best fragrances, is one of our major weaknesses in life. If you are a sucker for scented candles, you're probably aware that your candle obsession comes with a unique problem: what to do with the container once the wax has burned out?

Some of them are too pretty or are of amazing quality to throw out, but keeping a collection of empty jars seems pointless. Unless, of course, you need it. If you're not obsessed with candles yet, then our range of luxe Scented Candles in 5 fragrances will be your best 3-wick friend!

First and foremost, make sure your candle is clean. Surprisingly, freezing candle containers for at least a few hours is the key to cleaning them. All wax scraps will set and solidify, allowing you to scoop them out without making a mess. Then, using a butter knife, remove the wax and give it a thorough cleaning. Finally, try some of the hacks listed below once you've got a lovely jar ready for a new life.

5 Ways To Upcycle An Empty Candle Jar

1. Make some fun wall decor 

You wouldn't have ever thought of making wall decor with empty candle tins. If you are looking for something creative that lights up your room with minimal effort then you must try this out.

All you need are 5-6 empty candle tins, a clothing hanger and some decorative thread. Cut thread of different lengths and tie one end to the hanger and the other to the base of candle tins. Hang it on the wall and place your tea light candles at the birthing of the tin. This creates the perfect festive decor and the different lengths of candle holders add an element of style. 

2. Organize your daily essentials diy makeup brush holder with candle jar

Glass candle jars have a clean, basic appearance that will complement the style of your daily essentials. For example, Q-tips, bobby pins, and cotton pads can be kept in small candle containers. They look super cute and serve the purpose of organizing tiny things. You can also organize some of your accessories like rings and earrings that you use daily.

3. Use them as planters Diy planter with candle jar

Candle jars are ideal for storing small succulents or spring bulbs. Spread a layer of small stones on the bottom to allow for drainage, then fill with soil and seed.

Your little plant pots will give your window sill just the proper greenery. If you make your purchases based on sustainable living, this is the perfect way to go about it. And since plants are low-maintenance, it is a great way to start making greener choices. 

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4. Place another candle inside Diy tealight candle holder

The candle obsession can be real, so if you don't want to put much effort and still want something that can light up your space, you can place a tea light candle inside.

It creates the perfect lighting for a romantic atmosphere. Dropping your tea light candles into an empty candle jar to create an elegant effect that will beautify any space indoors or outdoors.

You can also paint your transparent candle glass with the color of your choice before dropping in the tea light candle. The sparkle of filtered candlelight with a pop of colors instantly adds warmth to any setting.

5. Make it a desk buddy Diy desk organizer with candle jar

Empty candle jars can be transformed into office desk decorations and will complete your WFH look. In addition, you can keep pens, pencils, and scissors, in larger containers, while tiny things like erasers and paper clips can be kept in smaller candle jars. This helps keep your workspace organized and adds a touch of minimalism.

That concludes our take on five creative ways to repurpose your empty candle jars! If there's a way you've reused your candle jars that we haven't covered, let us know in the comments section below.

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