How To Hygge In Indian Style

'Hygge' seems to be the new buzzword in the happiness-wellbeing conversation and has become the new mantra of life for many. It was declared the word of the year back in 2016 by The New Yorker.

And several books have also been written about it since then. Finland tops the list of the world's happiest countries, and people are starting to wonder what makes them so happy. The reason is probably hygge. 

But what exactly is hygge? How To Hygge In Indian Style

You can experience hygge in multiple ways, but it is simply a warm feeling of heart and soul cosiness to narrow it down. When you enjoy the simple pleasures of life, whether alone, with friends, or with family—being fully present, soaking in the aroma of a warm environment, and having a good time without bling.

When there is no need to show or tell others that you are having a good time, you are experiencing hygge. It is about being connected and slowing down to appreciate each moment fully and not worrying about work, social media followers, to-do lists, or our often hectic daily schedules.

How to hygge in Indian style?

Since you can experience hygge in multiple ways, in India, there are so many things you can do that still exist today before the internet came into the picture. Follow these activities and add an Indian touch to your hygge moments!

1. Treat your tastebuds and eat guilt-free How To Hygge In Indian Style

It's all about comfy foods and beverages. Luckily, you're in the land of flavours, where you can relish so many feel-good food items to eat and drink.

From a simple cup of cutting chai paired with parle g biscuits or enjoying on a classic bowl of aamras to a plate of rajma chawal, you'll find them more flavourful when you're slowing down. The goal is for the meal to be both nourishing and enjoyable. 

2. Dress comfy How To Hygge In Indian Style

Don't you love the feeling of wearing matching pajamas in the winter or a malmal ki kurti during the summers? It's all about being at your most relaxed.

While many of us are most comfortable in a breezy salwar kameez or a pair of shorts with your college fest t-shirt, it brings back many memories to look back and have a sweet moment of how far you've come.

3. Bring hygge home with decor How To Hygge In Indian Style

Making your home hygge requires minimal effort. You only need soft beiges, stark whites, and soothing greys on your colour palette. Cover the floor with soft rugs and whimsical dreamcatchers, layer blankets on your sofas, and pile on throw pillows.

Oversized beds with piled-on blankets, desks, and sofas facing large windows can add to the comfort factor. To add a warm feeling to this ambiance, lighting scented candles and diffusers is also a great idea!

Explore the DeBelle Luxe Scented Soy Wax Candles range to experience a cozy, aromatic atmosphere at the comfort of your home. 

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4. Travel with your heart How To Hygge In Indian Style

You will experience an actual hygge moment when you love spending time with yourself. A great way to do this is to take a solo trip. In India, there are many places to visit that bring you closer to nature and spark comfortable energy from within.

Take a trip to the snowy mountains in Leh Ladakh or the endless waters of Pondicherry, and you will surely rediscover yourself in this peaceful journey of becoming you.

5. Spend time with your grandparents How To Hygge In Indian Style

The internet has undoubtedly brought people closer, but in some ways, it has also become a barrier between cherishing some lost moments with your loved ones.

Remember how you would always be so excited to visit your Nani's house because she would smile with her dentures as they fell loose? And how you loved listening to stories by your Dadu when he brought you ice popsicles on a sunny day? Our grandparents have truly molded us into what we are today, and they deserve all the love, care, and attention.

So relive these moments with them and find your inner child come out. Call them up, write them a letter and if they are in heaven, then do what they loved doing and how they saw the world. 

In a deeply divided and troubled world where we appear to be hurtling towards some dark destination, hygge is an invitation to slow down, deepen and nourish the roots of our most intimate personal relationships, including our relationship with ourselves.

We hope you loved this Indian version of hygge and that you will try to incorporate it into your lifestyle. As hygge is all about slowing down, take your time and start with small steps towards this journey.

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