What Does Your Favourite Scent Reveal About Your Personality?

The eyes talk, and your favourite scent reveals your personality. Your signature scent could be the true window to your soul. You've probably heard or seen something about your Zodiac Sign's personality traits; when you go shopping for perfumes or candles, you pick a scent that suits your personality, right?

For example, while on a date, you can smell someone's perfume or cologne and instantly learn a lot about their personality. Similarly, if you lean towards a particular scent, it can say a lot about who you are. So keep reading to find out yours!

What Does Your Favourite Scent Reveal About Your Personality?

1. Citrus enthusiasts take the lead favourite scent personality type

Do you always take the lead in group settings? Do your friends and family consider you an alpha man or woman? If so, we're guessing you prefer citrus-based fragrances. On the other hand, you are self-assured, ambitious, and natural leaders. 

You could be perceived as dominant and aggressive. But don't worry, there's nothing wrong with being a shark at work and in love. Just be careful not to come across as too bitter when you don't get your way.

2. Rose lovers think twice before they speak once favourite scent personality type

Rose fragrance lovers are reflective and sensitive to the needs of others. They usually weigh all options before making a decision. As a result, you've never struggled with impulse control because you're naturally cautious and considerate. But you definitely won't think twice before immersing yourself on a bed of rose petals with DeBelle Luxe Scented Soy Wax Candle Yuzu Rose.

Instead of jumping right into the action, you take the time to reflect on your decisions. As a result, while most people have memories they'd rather forget and erase from their lives, you have very few horrifyingly embarrassing regrets. Because you think before you act, your track record is spotless in all aspects of life.

3. Lavender enthusiasts make excellent companions favourite scent personality type

If you enjoy wearing lavender-scented products, we predict you have a large, close-knit social circle. People think you're easy to be around right away, so you get along with almost everyone. If you are all about lavender, then this blend of lavender and fresh herbs scented candle is for you!

Lavender lovers are sexually reserved but inquisitive individuals. They value friendship and perform well in groups. They are thought to be reflective and thoughtful. When it comes to your closest friends, you're the one who never fails to surprise them on their birthdays, and you can always be counted on to go out of your way to cheer someone up when they're down.

4. People who like vanilla are anything but vanilla favourite scent personality type

According to a survey, vanilla is not only one of the most loved scents, but it also tops as an ice cream flavour over chocolate. People who love vanilla fragrance are lively, energetic, and the life of the party. It's the polar opposite of what you'd expect because they're all about having a good time.

 You're the one who knows how to start a party if you smell like warm vanilla. You enjoy drinking, dancing, meeting new people, and mingling in lively environments. Staying at home on the weekend isn't your cup of tea; you'd instead go out and have a good time.

5. Fans of fruity fragrances are moody favourite scent personality type

We assumed that people who wear fruity perfumes would be as sweet as the strawberry scent on their necks, but we were wrong. Instead, they are more irritable, grumpy, and pessimistic. If you enjoy the smell of berries, apples, or tropical fruits, it's time to change your outlook. You tend to see the glass as half-empty, and you're sarcastic and easily irritated. 

And while your cynical sense of humour may be amusing to you, it is exhausting to those around you. If you don't make an effort to cheer up and get rid of your depression, you'll soon find yourself completely isolated. These everyday habits may increase your risk of depression.

6. Jasmine fans are ecstatic favourite scent personality type

Jasmine lovers are similar to vanilla-wearing people, but they take their fun to the next level. They enjoy new and exciting adventures because they crave novelty. They are provocative and can be described as partygoers who want themselves. DeBelle Luxe Scented Soy Wax Candle Oudh Jasmine is one of the top picks for you.

You enjoy staying out until the sun comes up, discovering new places, and you've never had a margarita you didn't like. You adore dancing and couldn't care less about what others think of you or how you dress. You believe that life is worth living, so you will not waste a single minute being bored. It's safe to say that unpredictability is your middle name.


We hope you would have discovered something new about yourself today. The sense of smell takes us directly to the part of the brain that deals with emotions, completely bypassing logic; you could say that our choice of fragrance brings out our best feelings.

Next time when you go shopping for your favourite scent, you can trail back to this and try to know more about yourself. And why not do the same with your Candles? Look for this aromatic combo of 5 Luxe Hand Poured Soy Wax Scented Candles that will be a treat for your space and personality. 

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