7 Tips To Unwind After WFH!

In these tough times of a pandemic, WFH is a boon for us. But every coin has two sides and WFH can be just as tiring. Sitting in one place for hours, constantly looking at a screen, getting unmotivated by the same environment and so many other things can stress us out!

According to a survey, 29% of employees in India experienced more burnout during the pandemic. If you think why -  then imagine having your work life, personal life, and everything in between happening at the same time under your roof. This can be frustrating, overwhelming and you may find it difficult to give your best at work. 

The key to dealing with stress is allowing yourself to breathe and take time off to relax every now and then to crush that next task at your work. In other words, it is time to prioritize self-care in order to strike a peaceful work and personal life balance.

Here are some tips that can help you unwind after work from home!

Tips To Unwind After Work

1. Treat yourself 

Tips To Unwind After WFH

You work all day long to achieve your goals, and that is a victory in itself. It is important to celebrate these small victories to keep yourself going and stay motivated. These rewards can be big or small or both of them.

You can divide your task into smaller parts and after completing each part treat yourself with something that you love. Have a bite of your favorite sweet, scroll Instagram for a while or order your favorite meal. This is a great way to enjoy work and feel good about yourself because you deserve it.

2. Paint your nails 
Tips To Unwind After WFH

Your nails are little canvases that are asking to be painted. Did you know that painting your nails is an instant stress-reliever? There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down and choosing your favorite color to paint your nails with.

With nail art, even allows you to be creative because life is too short to have boring nails! With the DeBelle Gel Lacquer Collection, you can explore a variety of different shades and finishes to brighten up your day.

3. Take a break from the screen 

Tips To Unwind After WFH

Let’s do a quick exercise, go to your phone settings and check your screen time. Shocking right? In the digital world, we are constantly on our phones and with the work-from-home situation, it is almost impossible to get off the screen. We’re either Netflixing, on a zoom meeting, or sending a meme to a friend without knowing how much strain it is causing to our eyes.

Take baby steps by not using your phone an hour after you wake up and an hour before going to bed. This ensures good sleep and helps reduce stress, eventually take longer breaks from the screen and thank us later.

4. Try journalling or planning 

Tips To Unwind After WFH

When you take a pen and paper and start writing, your left part of the brain is functioning that helps you think practically. This helps you to put things into perspective. Journalling and inking your thoughts down allows you to have an outlet and lifts weight off your shoulders.

If journalling is not your cup of tea, you can also try planning and scheduling. This helps you to be sorted as all the things that you need to do throughout the week or month are right in front of you. With this, you’re not worried or confused anymore, you are prepared to do your best.

5. Indulge in a foot spa 

Tips To Unwind After WFH

There are people who follow a strict skincare routine for your face and hands but often forget their feet. So much for our feet that literally take us places and go through so much? Indulging in a foot spa is the best thing that you can do for your feet and have a soothing me-time.

We know that with the pandemic going to the spa is difficult, but the good news is that you can have a foot spa at home in just a few steps! 

6. Listen to music that makes you happy 

Tips To Unwind After WFH

Everybody has a different taste in music and it is important that you take breaks to listen to music that makes you happy. Listening to happy tunes has several positive effects on the brain and the human body.

Music can be a game-changer and instantly boost your mood. This also helps you take a break from the screen and become best friends with your speaker.

7. Sheet masks for the win 

Tips To Unwind After WFH

Can’t have a skincare routine due to all the hustle? Sheet masks are here to save the day and tranquilize. Sheet masks are filled with skin-loving ingredients that work on hydrating and moisturizing your skin.

You can have an ultimate pamper session for your face with minimal effort. Simply put on a sheet mask and relax for 20 minutes. With DeBelle Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks you can see noticeable results after the first use! 

Many other effective stress-relieving activities like going to meet a friend or hitting the gym are not very feasible options at the moment, but we are all in the same boat. It is essential that we channelize our energy and deal with stress in a way that does not affect people around us.

At the end of the day when our mind is at peace, everything is at peace. So, take care of yourself and remember that self-care isn’t selfish. 

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