How To Ensure An Even Burn Pool To Avoid Wastage of Your Scented Candle

You've purchased your favorite candle. Its lovely scent fills the room, and you couldn't be happier. But the possibility of candle pooling crops up in your mind.

Okay, we're being a little dramatic, but candle pooling is an annoyance – not only does it look unappealing, but it also means you're not getting the complete burning and scent potential of your candle. We want you to get the best burn every time, so we created this handy guide to help you avoid the dreaded pooling.

What exactly is candle pooling?

Also known as candle tunneling, it occurs when a candle burns through the center, leaving hard wax on the outside. This wasted wax means your candle will not reach its full burn time, which is a real shame if you enjoy scented candles as much as we do. 

As the flame burrows deeper into the wick, it will become increasingly difficult to light and eventually drown by melting wax. Candle pooling can occur with any candle, regardless of quality or cost. Fortunately, you can do a few things to ensure that your scented candles burn evenly and efficiently, leaving as little residual wax as possible.

As a result, you cannot burn it because the candle did not burn evenly. The following suggestions should help you get the most out of your candles by ensuring that they burn evenly.

How To Ensure An Even Burn Pool To Avoid Wastage of Your Scented Candle

1. Minor trim to the wick 

This is a crucial tip. Every time you burn a candle, you should trim the wick. This can be done with scissors or nail clippers. There are even wick trimmers explicitly designed for this purpose. Trimmed wicks allow your candle to burn cleaner and more evenly. Furthermore, long wicks will cause larger flames, resulting in 'burn pools' and uneven wax burning. As a general rule, a candle's wick should be between ⅛ and ¼ inches long. Always remember to trim the wick before lighting a candle.

2. Prefer multi-wick candles 

Getting a proper burn is problematic because it takes time. A good solution is to use multi-wick candles. Candles with two or three wicks are available.

Because there are more flames in the candle, it will melt faster. Furthermore, having more than one wick is ideal for even burning, especially if the diameter of the candle is quite large. Multi-wicks are excellent for preventing tunneling and burning pools. Get yourself some lead-free DeBelle Luxe Soy Wax Candles; smokeless 3 wick candles for maximum aroma diffusion.

    3. Make use of longer matches or a lighter 

      A longer match or lighter makes reaching the candle's wick easier and safer. This will also assist you in starting an even burn. When using short matches, people frequently tilt the candle in their hand to make it easier to reach the wick. This causes flickering flames and causes the wax to melt unevenly from the start.

      4. Let the first layer melt completely before putting out a candle 

        Never put out a candle until the upper wax layer has melted across its surface area. You can avoid tunneling by achieving a complete melt. The wick begins to sink lower, forming a tunnel that runs through the candle's center.

        This tunnel can become quite deep at times, and you may not even be able to light the wick at all. It is also critical to always melt the entire upper layer of wax, especially during the first burn of a candle. To ensure an even upper layer, always allow the entire top layer to melt.

        5. Its not a birthday, so don’t blow out the candle 

          When you blow, you spread ashy debris into the melted wax of the candle. So, instead of putting a candle snuffer directly on the flame, lower it gradually until it is just above the melted wax pool.

          Hold it there for about 3 seconds to give the flame enough time to use the remaining oxygen and go out. This helps to slow down the melting rate of the wax, resulting in a slower burn and a more even result.

          When the wax has completely cooled, the top layer of the candle should be more even. As a result of this procedure, you can use the candle for a longer time.

          The above-mentioned tips and tricks should assist you in extending the life of your candles and ensuring that they burn evenly. When dealing with burning candles, it's also critical to be cautious and always put safety first. We hope this article was helpful and that the true potential of your scented candles is finally unleashed. 

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