Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

You might not remember what your mother told you on a particular day, but you will surely remember that your mother smelled like fresh jasmine flowers that she was wearing in her hair on that specific day. It is a memory that is imprinted on our minds.

It's no secret that scent has a strong emotional impact, and lighting the right candle can elevate a particular mood. That is one of the reasons scented candles have become so popular in recent years and are now made with soy wax

A pretty candle is nice for decoration, but it can also transform your energy. Certain smells can trigger certain emotions and can enhance your overall mood. So when you're reading a book, you might want to feel calmer, and when you're trying to study, you might want to stay focused. Believe it or not, some scents can help you with these moods. 

How does aromatherapy affect your mood?  

Essential oils and fragrances have been used in traditional medicine, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine to treat various psychological and physical disorders such as headaches, pain, insomnia, eczema, stress-induced anxiety, depression, and digestive problems.

Multiple studies in recent years have revealed that stimulation via fragrance has various psychophysiological effects on humans. When compared to no fragrance control, one such study showed that fragrances affected subjects' concentration on work and mentally stabilized them.

Now that we know the effects of aromatherapy on your emotions, let’s go through some scents for every mood.

Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

1. Pine when you don’t want to whine 

Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

It's no surprise that pine is one of the scents associated with the holidays and evokes cheerfulness, so it's one of those known to relieve stress. Pine essential oil improves mood in aromatherapy by clearing the mind of stress, energizing the body to help eliminate fatigue, improving concentration, and promoting a positive outlook.

2. Rose for Romance Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

Did you know that rose aroma is one of the most expensive and exotic oils used in perfumery today? Rose scent has long been associated with feelings of romance and adventure. When it comes to rose scents, the Yuzu roses are unrivaled. Check out the Yuzu Rose Soy Wax Candle if you want a bouquet of roses in a jar.

3. Vanilla is your happy place Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

Happiness can be difficult to find in our hectic lives. Fortunately, numerous essential oils promote happiness and positive energy. Vanilla is one of our favorites among them! Extensive research has discovered that inhaling vanilla beans increases feelings of joy and relaxation.

4. Lavender for a sleepy head Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

This is one of the most versatile and useful essential oils in aromatherapy. It can be combined with many other essential oils and is beneficial for many ailments and conditions. Lavender is well-known for promoting relaxation, relieving tension, and aiding in sleep. This scent can help you sleep better; you'll wake up happier. Lavender & Fresh Herbs Soy Wax Candle feels like a soothing embrace from a loved one after a tiring day!

5. Citrus for your zeal and zest Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

Lemon and orange scents are well known for their Vitamin C properties, and simply sniffing the fruit provides energy boosts. It has a positive and bright quality to it that not only relieves nausea and vomiting but also awakens any space. Citrus oils can help alleviate anxiety and irritability. Citrus essential oils, also known as "liquid sunshine," are uplifting and can help with stress and depression. 

6. Mindful Jasmine Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

Jasmine is a Persian word, and for many centuries, the essential oil extracted from this tiny flower with a beautiful, enticing sweet scent has been among the most valuable used in aromatherapy and ceremonial purposes. This essential oil is beneficial for meditation, promoting harmony, alleviating depression, and instilling joy and happiness. Indulge in a fresh vibe with a combination of Oudh and Jasmine

Conclusion | Aromatherapy Scents For Every Mood

Scents are closely related to your emotions and how you’re feeling. We all have seen days when we struggle to fall asleep, feel a little too anxious, or just want to spice things up in the bedroom; these fragrances can make a difference.

Moreover, whenever you feel disconnected from nature, these scents can bring you closer to inner happiness while transforming your aura. We hope that we have covered all the scents for your everyday mood and situations, so next time you struggle to fall asleep, you know you can count on some love from lavender!

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