8 DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings

The wedding season is on, which means it is time to put your beautiful outfits together. Whether it is your relative or friend getting married, you also have to look your best.

You need to finalise many things like sangeet dance, hairdos, jewellery, makeup, gifts, and so much more. And often, nails may not top the list, but you want everything to be perfect, so why not jazz up your nails for a wedding too! 

You may not have the time to visit the nail salon between all the wedding bells, but you can surely DIY gorgeous nail art. This way you can focus on more important things and also get yourself some me-time. And sis, we got your back; here are 8 DIY nail arts that you can do at home with little to no tools!

8 DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings

1. French Manicure nail art design but better DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


A classic french manicure can never go wrong, but for Indian Weddings, it is safe to add a dash of gold. Paint your nails with rich red nail polish; DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer French Affair would be the shade.

Next, instead of painting the free edge with white, switch it up with gold. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Sirius is such a unique gold shade with a blend of silver glitter, and it is an Indian Wedding in a bottle!

2. Floral crown DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


You might not be wearing the wedding ring, but you can surely nail a floral crown. You want to create a semi-circular negative space near your cuticle; to do this, you can either use a french tip guide or cut a piece of tape in a curved shape.

Place it near your cuticle and paint the rest of your nail bed with a colour of your choice. Peel off the guide immediately for a clean look. Paint tiny flowers where the base colour meets negative space. Use a toothpick dipped in DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Vanilla Croissant and made five dots for petals.

Make more of them to fill the area. Add a yellow dot in the centre, and done!

3. Ruffian nail art DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


The best way to describe this nail art is french manicure, but the other way round. You can play with different textures and finishes in this one. The easiest way to recreate this nail art design is by painting all your nails a metallic colour.

Then by using DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Twilight Sapphire, paint your nails by leaving some space near your cuticles, exposing just the metallic shade. You can either use a glossy topcoat or add a classy matte finish using DeBelle Matte Top Coat.

4. Minimal Gold dots DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


If you are looking for something minimal yet elegant for a wedding, this nail art is for you. It’s so easy to recreate and looks gleaming! Start with a nude base and grab a gold nail polish.

Now look around and find household items that can give you dots like a pencil tip, bobby pin and toothpick—paint 3 to 4 gold dots in a line on each nail to achieve this nail art. You can use DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer in the Shades Victorian Beige and Chrome Beige.

5. Side French Manicure nail art with Glitter DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


Don’t we all love the look of french manicures? This one is just stunning because it involves glitter! Instead of a symmetrical curved white edge, paint a diagonal french tip. You can do this with the nail polish brush itself or a thin nail art brush.

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Then apply Galaxia, a mesmerizing chunky glitter nail polish between the white and negative space. Add a top coat to make it extra shiny!

6. Love is in the air DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


No wedding is complete without hearts. So let’s put them on our nails. Paint some nails with nude polish and some with a glittery red polish. To paint cute little red hearts, start by placing three dots in a triangular shape pointing towards your free edge.

Then connect these dots just like you would write a V. You can paint as many hearts as you want or go for a single one.

7. Gold Chevron DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


These nails go well with all your outfits and look subtle and elegant. Moreover, it is effortless to recreate. You will need nude nail polish, gold nail polish and some scotch tape. Begin by painting your nails nude; make sure they are 100% dry before moving on to the next step.

Take two pieces of tape and form a triangle near the cuticle. Creating a perfect guide for you, fill this in with gold nail polish. Peel off the tape immediately, and you are done!

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8. Mix ‘n’ match DIY Nail Arts For Indian Weddings


If you cannot decide on one nail art, then you can combine them all. The key here is to stick to 2 contrasting colours: a glitter nail polish and a solid colour. Paint some of your nails with the gold chevron and some with a glitter gradient using a make-up sponge.

It is just that easy! Apply DeBelle Matte Top Coat to finish the look!

We know that doing nail arts can be tricky, but these are some chic and beautiful DIY nail arts that you can do from the comfort of your home, and DeBelle will be your best friend throughout! What are you waiting for? Get your favourite Nail polish shades and get creative with these extraordinary nail arts for Indian Weddings!

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