10 Nail Polish Colours For Dusky Skin Tone

Every day there is a new nail polish shade coming out. And you fall in love with each one of them almost instantly. But how do you know if it would suit your skin tone?

Choosing a nail shade shouldn’t be that difficult; there are a bunch of hues that are made keeping the Indian skin tone in mind. It’s 21st century, and some people are still into the idea of “fair and lovely.” But for all you dusky beauties, only you know that you are beautiful inside out. 

If you keep following this guide on handpicked nail polish colors for dusky skin tone, then you are bound to have fun. You can slay any color when it comes to your skin tone; however, so many shades of the rainbow enhance the rich cocoa skin tone that you won’t regret adding to your cart. 

Nail Polish Colours For Dusky Skin Tone

1. Light Brown Nail Polish  

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Coco Bean - (Light Brown Nail Polish), 8ml

If you are looking for nude polish, we recommend brownish nudes rather than pinkish nudes. Pink nudes can make your dark skin look dull and even darker in some cases.

DeBelle Coco Bean  is a beautiful light brown shade that is very flattering for dusky skin tone. The key here is always going for a shade that is visibly lighter than your skin. That’s how you find your perfect nude nail polish!

2. Toffee Brown Nail Paint

Toffee brown nail polish for dusky skin

This shade is inspired by the dried petals of roses and is an ideal caramel shade for dusky skin tones. It almost looks like a nude but with pinkish undertones. This chocolate brown shade looks like it was made for you! It goes well with all of your looks, and if you pair it with one of our glitter nail polishes, you are ready to hit the party!

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3. Plum Toffee Dark burgundy nail polish for dark skintone

You can never go wrong with a deep burgundy nail polish shade. Of course, it looks perfect on all skin tones but complements darker skin tones the most.

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On days when you want to wear a dark hue, but black is not on the table, you might want to opt for this one. It is a beautiful blend of maroon and plum goodness.

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4. Chrome shades 

DeBelle Chrome Wine Purple Chrome nail polish shade

Liquid chrome shades of silver and gold add instant chicness to your nails. These chrome polishes have a unique mirror-like finish that goes well with your jewelry on special occasions.

The best part is that it is self-leveling and completely opaque in 2 coats. Simply wearing chrome nail polishes can level up your nail game for parties and even weddings!

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5. Mystique Green Pastel green nail paint for fusky indian skintone

Beautiful pastel olive green shades have been all over the fashion and beauty industry. The reason is that it looks subtle, chic, and super unique. Even though it's a green shade, it seems appropriate for all seasons, especially for fall.

This is for the days when you don't feel like wearing nude nail polish but still want a hint of nature's green. Beautifully brings out your dusky skin tone.

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6. Twilight Sapphire Navy blue nail polish for indian skintone

The Sapphire gemstone is known for its deep blue color, which inspired this rich navy blue shade. An aqua or a sky blue shade might look a little too bright, but this twilight navy blue shade would suit your dark skin perfectly. If you want to have a little fun, add a DeBelle Matte Top Coat for a soft matte finish.

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7. Vanilla Croissant White nail polish for indian skintones

White nails look amazingly chic on dark skin. Moreover, Vanilla Croissant is a one-coat white so that you will have trendy nails in just one swipe!

This clean, crisp white shade will create a beautiful contrast against your rich brown skin without going overboard. With these classic white nails, you can go ahead and play around with colours in your overall outfit.

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8. Lilac Bloom Pastel lilac nail polish for duaky skintone

A pretty lilac is another pastel shade that we are in love with. It is an elegant shade for dark skin, especially during spring and summer. With this one, you can create many summer and spring nail art looks or apply this on your tips for a coloured french manicure! Lilac creates a beautiful contrast as it has a warm undertone with a hint of pink and lavender.

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9. Mauve Orchid Mauve nail polish for dusky skintone

Mauve is hands down a universally flattering shade. If you want to wear something stunning yet delicate, then this shade is for you. Inspired by lovely dry orchids, the shade is ideal for women of all ages, whether you are going for a job interview or giving an exam. It has a softened plum undertone which gives out a timeless yet vintage vibe.

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10. Camellia Berry Dark berry nail polish shade for indian dusky skin

Want a berrylicious shade? Camellia Berry is a beautiful dark magenta that is bright and very powerful. The red colour is a classic, but add this berry shade to your nail polish collection if you want to spice it up. Again this is one of the shades that suit all skin tones and can be used for accessible floral nail arts!

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We understand that much thought goes into picking a nail polish shade, which is why we put in much thought to create the perfect nail polish formula for you. With high pigmentation, toxin-free, and cruelty-free, your nails can have a long-lasting, safe and beautiful manicure.

These shades would also be suitable for a pedicure. So go ahead and embrace the brown goddess that you are with DeBelle!

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