10 Nail Art Designs For Diwali

By the end of October, we all start smelling Diwali in the air. The lights, the sweets, beautiful decorations, new clothes, and gifts. It also gives us a reason to dress up and celebrate togetherness. While we cherish these moments with our loved ones, a great way to complete your festive look is through some fun nail art designs!

When it comes to Diwali, we think of glitter and glam; after all, it is one of the happiest and widely celebrated Hindu New Year. So it is time for New Nails New Me with these nail art ideas that you need to try for Diwali!

10 Nail Art Designs For Diwali 

1. Chrome nails for Diwali Silver chrome nails for Diwali

Gold or a silver chrome would be such a universal manicure throughout Diwali celebrations, and as reflective it is, it reminds us of lights! You can effortlessly achieve this timeless nail look using DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Chrome Gold or DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Chrome Silver.

2. Pink with a touch of gold

Pink gold Diwali nails


You need a piece of tape, pink and gold nail polish. Place the piece of tape diagonally on your nail, exposing the other half. Paint the pink nail color and peel off the tape immediately. This will give you a mess-free application. 

Take a thin nail art brush dipped in gold nail polish and add a diagonal line to make it a little festive. This nail art design is chic, minimal and you get to use your favorite color according to your outfit! 

3. Glitter placement nails Glitter frame nails


Glitter placement nail art is time-consuming, but the result is just worth the effort. You need loose glitter or chunky glitter nail polish with a red base to get the look. Pour some glitter nail polish on a piece of paper, and using a toothpick, pick out the glitters and place them one by one, framing your nail shape.

Don’t forget to top it off with DeBelle Top & Base Coat to seal the glitters in. The best part is that it looks unique and stunning on any nail shape and length, plus you don’t need any artistic skills, just some patience, and glitter!

4. The Essence of Diwali Rangoli nail art design for nails

This nail art sums the essence of Diwali. It includes one of the stunning festive shades DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Moulin Rouge, along with colourful intricate rangoli-like traditional patterns all over, this one gets us into the festive spirit!

The symbols of om and Swastik represent auspiciousness and are key symbols seen during Diwali to keep positive energies flowing. You can make this nail art as colourful as possible and achieve this look with a thin nail art brush.

5. Rose Gold Polka dot nails Rose gold polka dots nails


Polka dots have been the cutest and easiest nail art designs of all time. To make them festive, using a nude pink base with rose gold polka dots is the way to go!

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Pandora is the perfect rose gold shade for this one. You can apply different sizes of polka dots using various household tools. A tip of a pencil will make bigger dots, while a toothpick will make smaller dots. It is just that simple!

6. Patakha nail art Firework nail art design


Lighting firecrackers isn’t an excellent idea these days, but you can still have them on your nails. To recreate this, apply a dark maroon base nail polish followed by a toothpick dipped in some gold nail polish.

Using the toothpick, follow a mandala-like pattern with dots. Starting with closely placed dots in the centre and more scattered dots on the outermost ring. This is what gives the nail art the firecracker burst look.

7. Mix and match nail art Mix and match nail art


If you really can’t decide which nail art to pick, then go for a mix and match nail art set.

You can incorporate all your favourite nail art designs by tying them together with a common colour. With a combination of french manicure, florals, glitter, diagonal colour block, you can never go wrong!

8. Minimal Floral nail art design for Diwali 

Flowers are another part of festivities and look even prettier on your nails! A dash of lilac and just one flower placed on each nail makes for the perfect, minimal look. To make the flowers, use a bobby pin dipped in white nail polish and put 5 dots to make the petals. Do the same with yellow nail polish for the centre, and you are done!

9. Nude chevron nails Chevron nail art design


If you don’t like the #ExtraLife, then this minimal nude nail art is perfect for Diwali. You just need a gorgeous nude shade; you will find tons to choose from DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer.

The pro tip to finding a nude nail polish for you is to get one that is visibly lighter than your skin tone and not something that matches your skin tone exactly. Follow with pieces of golden striping tape in triangular shapes for the sparkle.

10. Colourful chevron french nail art French manicure chevron nail design


With a classic french manicure, you’re always worried that the round edge is clean and perfect. What if we told you that you could get a similar effect and throw in colour other than white? These chevron french nails have come to your rescue. They need minimal skills and look so elegant. 

All you need to do is swipe the nail polish brush at an angle on your free edge, do the same with your second colour by overlapping the first one. Add a top coat, and you are done!

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Diwali is the festival of lights, and your nails shouldn’t be left behind. Just like you dress up, let them also have a new nail art design and have a moment of their own.

We hope you have fun while creating these accessible Diwali nail arts. Remember to stay safe and have a very happy Diwali, with regards - Team DeBelle. 

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