50+ Indian Bridal Nail Art Designs Inspirations To Check Out!

The wedding bells are ringing and it calls for a million preparations. Choosing a lehenga, invite design, locations, gifts, food and the list goes on. Paying attention to these details is important to make your special day more special. 

Amid this beautiful chaos, you are going to be meeting so many people, clicking the perfect pictures, and dancing to the baraat tunes, you can’t forget your nails! So to help you gear up, we have curated a bunch of exciting bridal nail art designs to make the lovely occasion complete!

Indian Bridal Nail Art Designs Inspirations 

Red nail arts for Indian brides 

1. Dry brush tips Indian bridal nail art Dry brush nail art design for bride

A dash of gold, white and black just at the tip adds a lot of elegance and stands out from basic red nails. 

2. Red bridal nails with Gold foil  

Red and gold foil nail art design

Gold foils are easily available and even easier to work with and adds the right amount of celebration! By @brillantinanailz

3. Red Gold-stamped french nails for bride Red French manicure for bride

Stamping is one of the easiest nail art techniques for beginners. These roses look almost hand-painted, delicate, and super elegant. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Moulin Rouge is the ideal dark red shade for this! By @paintedprettywithcrissy 

4. Red with glitter ombre Red glitter gradient nail art design for Indian bride

There is nothing more satisfying than a subtle glitter fade on a creamy red nail polish base. By @pazukazu

5. Red nail art with leaves and glitter Red nail art design with leaves for Indian bride

Let your nails have some fun on your important day by adding a touch of glitter and intricate white leaves for an element of freshness. By @paznokciewkolorzemarzen 

6. Matte red and gold nails Matte Red gold nail art for bride

Playing around with textured nails is the best way to go on your wedding day. Use the DeBelle Matte Top Coat to transform any nail polish into matte! By @pinkstyle_tila

7. Maroon with Glitter Maroon glitter nail art design for bride

If bright reds are not your cup of tea, then you should indulge in a deep maroon shade paired with fine gold and silver glitter. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Antares is the perfect deep maroon shade for this nail art. By @nailsbyallia 

8. Red abstract waves Abstract red nail art design for bride

It is okay to not stick to geometric or glitter nails, these flowy red waves will equally amp up your wedding nails. Use DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer French Affair, a bright and bold red to achieve this. By @misscitizen 

9. Matte red lace nails Red lace nail art for Indian bride

This intricate lace pattern is very similar to the designs seen in Indian bridal outfits and henna designs, what else could you ask? @nailsallure 

10. Red and Black Swirls nail art design Red bridal nail art design inspiration

A cute swirls design never disappoints. The negative space is a great way to add an ultra-fine touch! By @artbychandhu 

Embellishment nail arts

11. Embellished dark maroon nails for Indian bride Embellished bridal nail art design

An extravagant set of nails with a cluster of rhinestones on accent nails is both elegant and eye-catchy. @thenailvibes_

12. Red embellished nails Red studded nail art for indian bride

Applying sparkly stones in a chevron pattern, with different textures of matte and chrome, makes it so unique, just like you! @martitasnailss

13. Skittle embellished nails Skittle embellished nail art design

Go ahead with a skittle manicure and one bedazzle accent nail for the glam. @ptimi_pixienails 

14. Nude with red embellishments Nude and red nail art studded

We know that red can be overpowering, these red rhinestones over a nude base almost remind us of the bindis and traditional patterns. @zulemysbeautyexpress 

15. French manicure with rhinestones Studded french manicure nail art for bride

French manicure, but make it blinding! This arrangement of rhinestones is distinctive yet a classic approach. @capellaxnaillounge 

16. Glitter with pearls Pearls nail art design bridal

These nails with random placement of pearls look extraordinary from the regular rhinestones. If you love the pearly finish check out DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Miss Bliss. By @lilyjacobsbridal 

17. Pink embellished waves Pink bridal nail art design

These crystals are see-through but still have an iridescent shine. This particular arrangement is extremely chic. @nailz_ann.indigo 

18. 3D flowers with crystals 3d flower nail art design for bride

3D flowers add volume, texture and take nail art out of the flat dimension, making it outstanding, literally. @neenthenailqueen 

19. Crystals with pictures Picture nail art design for wedding

Painting the initials of your loved ones and converting your loved ones’ pictures into stickers truly adds a personal touch to your nails. @reshma_nailstudio 

20. Single stud  Minimal nail art design for indian wedding

If embellishments are too much for you, then you can indulge in a single stud manicure that is blingy yet minimal. By @majomajo_beauty 

Gold nail arts

21. Golden french manicure Golden french manicure nails for indian bride

French manicure is an all-time classic, but doing it with gold instead makes it wedding ready! By @she_naild_it_ 

22. Gold chrome hearts Indian bridal nail art design inspiration

Much like the love between a couple, these gold chrome hearts are such a gorgeous and sweet nail look to have for your wedding day! @nailsbykatiedurta 

23. Liquid Gold  Liquid gold nail art design

You can go all out with these gold chrome nails, with 3D droplets that give an illusion of wet or liquid gold. @_bynanami 

24. Gold with waves Indian wedding nail art design for bride

Add waves of different shades of red to a gold base for a pop of color. @charmedbyhue 

25. Gold glitter gradient Gold glitter gradient nail art design

A stunning gold glitter gradient is a universal nail look for all your ceremonies. By @_nails.ariel_

26. Gold chevron on green Gold chevron nail art design for bride

Green is another color that is seen in Indian weddings. Painting a gold chevron near the cuticle is just as classy. @nailosophy_design

27. Different shades of gold details Gold henna nail art design for bride.

These gold details look like the henna designs and we are all for it! @allthingsbeauty_jellybayn 

28. Gold glitter waves Gold indian wedding nails inspiration

There is never too much glitter when it comes to weddings. @thehideawaybeautyltd 

29. White and gold marble nails White gold marble nails

You can create a stunning marbled effect that suits any nail shape or length. @liquidglamourbymadalinam 

30. Gold and white color block White gold colourblock nail art

A modern look stands out best when you use contrasting colors like metallic gold and white in geometric shapes. @ashniquetechniques 

Nude nail arts/Minimal nail art designs for Indian brides 

31. Diagonal french Red french manicure nail art

You can easily DIY this look, and if your diagonal shape isn’t perfect, simply cover it up with glitter or foil. @_danails__

32. Nude and white lace Minimal nail art for bride

This design is super feminine and minimal. The lace detail is fine-drawn yet striking enough. @fineoutlinenails 

33. Silver and nude nails Silver accent nail art design

A sleek silver line on nude nails looks graceful and appropriate for all occasions. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Peony Blossom makes a stunning nude base for this nail art. @beautyhaven_byjodie 

34. Classic French Manicure Basic french manicure design

A simple french manicure never goes out of style. Use DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Vanilla Croissant One Coat White to ace this nail look. @magnifiquemani 

35. Soft pink with mixed glitters Colourful glitter nail art design

When you can’t choose one glitter, mix them all to create a magical manicure! @littlefloralcat 

36. Brown skittle manicure Brown skittle nail art design

This reminds us of the deep henna colors that show through, different shades of browns and glitters are effortlessly gorgeous! Using DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Plum Toffee should do the trick. @karasclaws 

37. Brown skittle with gold accent Brown skittle nail art design

Perfect for the Indian skin tone, add minimal gold accents to up for nail game this wedding season. @__annails__

38. French Manicure with a glitter gradient Glitter french manicure nail art

If you are looking to spice up your French manicure, add a silver glitter gradient to all the tips for fancy nail art! @ellenelizabethbeauty 

39. Asymmetrical french nails Gold French manicure nail art

Add in asymmetric flowy french tips and outline them with gold nail polish to make your nails stand out. By @teamhen 

40. Abstract white lines with gold foil Abstract bridal nail art design

These perfectly abstract white lines are created using spider gel and look the best when paired with gold foil or glitter. By @punellas_makeup 

Floral nail arts for bride

41. Red and White leaves Floral nail art design  for bride

Keeping it simple and elegant, red and white nails with delicate leaves is the perfect minimal nail art for your special day. By @stanikir 

42. Pink flowers with white dots Pink floral nail art design

Painting different colors of pink flowers with DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Camellia Berry along with green leaves and polka dots is the perfect way to add a splash of color. By @gygnails 

43. Matte abstract leaves Matte floral nail art design

A super aesthetic nail look, ideal for every occasion. By @lbebeauty 

44. Red flowers with glitter Red glitter floral nail art design

The glitter and flowers truly bring out the wedding vibes! By @parlourmade 

45. Encapsulated dried flowers real dried flower nail art design

Tiny and delicate real dried flowers look so fresh and out of the box on your nails! By @nailsbyneha_k 

46. Red roses Red roses nail art design

The flower of love is painted on your nails to make your happily ever after more special! @erinsearle_nailartist 

47. Floral tips Floral french tips manicure

Cute daisies just on the tip of the nails are also a great substitute for classic french manicures. @clairesbeautytreatments 

48. Sequined flowers Bridal sequins nail art designs

The easiest way to create floral nail art is by using sequins and studs as flower petals. @garimamakkarmakeovers 

49. Pink criss-cross florals Criss cross nail art design for bride

Baby pink flowers with a criss-cross pattern is a modish combination of flowers and geometric style. By @flairstudiou 

50. Framed flowers Framed flower nail art design

Painting small delicate flowers creating a frame for your nails is chic and exquisite. By @jodieskerrattmua 

Your nails are something that you might completely forget about or keep pushing until the last minute, and we know how those things go.

To make your manicure last longer be sure to use our nail care range. DeBelle Nail Hardener prevents nail breaks, DeBelle Nail Primer preps your nail for your next manicure, and DeBelle Top & Base Coat seals the design and adds a glossy finish! Nails are that one tiny detail that will simply tie your whole look together, much like you tying the knot with your significant other. Wishing you a happily ever after!

Main image source: Studio Kelly Photography

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