5 Must-have Nail Polish Shades - For every nail polish lover!

Did you know that the idea of painting nails is as old as 3000BC, where people of only high society painted their nails with vegetable dyes and henna? But over the years, nail polish has evolved to become more than just something that shows your status in society. It is a way to express yourself and a vanity essential that makes us feel better.

With evolution, reds and maroons are not the only options. There are way more nail polish finishes and colors than you can ever imagine. And this number keeps going up. Trendy shades come and go, but some exquisite evergreen shades always stay. That’s why we have shortlisted 5 must-have nail polish shades that every nail polish lover needs to add to their collection. 

Must-have nail polish shades

1. Victorian Beige: A classic nude nail polish Nude beige nail polish shade india

You can never go wrong with nude nail polish as it is best for casual, work, or special events. It goes well with all your outfits and is simply the best nail polish that exists. If you are someone who likes to play it cool and not go all out with colors, a nude shade speaks elegance and grace. Moreover, this one has a warm undertone and suits the Indian skin tone.

We also have a range of pink and brown nudes that you should check out. The best part is that even when a nude nail polish starts to chip, it is not a problem as it is barely noticeable. Your nails will always look like a fresh manicure. And if you choose DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer then your manicure is bound to last longer!

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2. Galaxia: Chunky Holographic Glitter Nail Polish Topper Holographic nail polish

This chunky glitter nail polish can transform any of your favorite nail polishes instantly! Simply applying it as a top coat adds the right amount of bling. You can also apply this on its own on bare nails for a chic look. The chunky holographic glitter makes the perfect #instagramnailsoftheday.

Every nail polish lover needs this nail polish to add glitter to their lives, and let’s be honest glitter makes everything better! You can create a variety of nail looks and having just a glitter accent nail is a stunning nail art look in itself.

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3. Chrome Silver: Metallic Silver Nail Polish Metallic silver nail polish

You must have seen the mirror chrome goodness on gel extensions, guess what you can have that same effect on your natural nails with Chrome Silver shade. It is reflective and different from any other regular metallic shades. When you apply Chrome silver on your nails, it looks subtle and yet a statement manicure. This shade is timeless because of how unique it is and simply stunning!

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It perfectly complements your party looks for special events and is a classic metallic silver you need to have. If you love the chrome finish, then you will also love the other chrome shades available in our product section.

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4. Apricot Dew: Pastel Pink Nail Polish Pastel pink nail polish

As long as there is pink in the world, it will always be a better place. And with pink nail polish, you are here to rule the world. A pretty pink shade is a staple in every girl’s nail polish collection and there’s nothing like too much pink.

Apricot Dew is a soft and feminine pink shade that suits all skin tones and women of all ages. If neon pink or hot pink is not your cup of tea, and this pastel pink is going to become your bestie. Go ahead and paint your nails with this pretty pink and embrace the girly side of yours.

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5. Royale' Viola: Dark Violet Nail Polish Dark violet nail polish

You either love wearing colorful nail polishes or you love wearing black nails throughout the year. But there are days when you feel like wearing neither of them, black seems too colorless and other colors seem too colorful. This is when Royale' Viola comes into the picture. It is a beautiful dark violet shade that resembles the night sky.

It is packed with a rick violet pigment while not making it look like a basic black. So on those days, Royale Viola is a must-have rescue nail shade to fall back upon.

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These were our top picks of must-have nail polish shades for every nail polish lover. Although we have so many more shades in store for you that you need to add to your ever-growing nail polish collection. Remember that life is too short to have naked nails. That’s why DeBelle Nail Lacquer has the perfect 5-free and cruelty-free formulation to nourish your nails while providing a salon-like manicure. Go ahead and pamper yourself with DeBelle!

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