5 Matte Nail Art Designs That You Need To Try

From matte lipsticks to matte mobile covers, everybody is crazy about matte finish. Surely we love the glossiness too, but there is something unique about a soft matte surface that makes us want to stop and stare! The nail industry stepped up and introduced a whole new world of matte finish nail polishes, ever since matte nails are the biggest trend people follow.

But one unique matte nail polish that you don’t see a lot, is a matte top coat. It is just like a glossy top coat, but matte! It can make any nail polish color matte once applied, sounds mind-blowing right? What is even mind-blowing is that we have launched our very own DeBelle Matte Top Coat that instantly mattifies your manicure & gives a smooth, edgy look to the nails!

Matte Nail Art Designs

1. Metallic Matte Nails 

holding a Debelle matte top coat with the beautifully manicured nails and blurry background

Bringing you the best of two finishes in one manicure. You can create a very unique nail art look using 2 nail polishes without any nail skills.

A solid metallic matte manicure instantly makes it look like you have some special effect nail polish, but in reality, you have applied a metallic nail color and topped it off with a matte topcoat!

This manicure is loved by many, the obvious reason being this is super easy and the end result is #nailsonfleek!

2. French with a twist 

Beautifully manicured nails with debelle nail polish and a shady background


There is nothing as classic as a french manicure, but sometimes it can get boring. This look involves matte and glossy textures together to create a french manicure.

To spice up your regular french manicure, use matte nail polish as your base color and instead of white, take a glossy top coat and apply it just on the tips. If you don’t have a matte nail polish then add a DeBelle Matte Top Coat to your nail polish collection. The best part about this manicure is that it is so out of the box from the conventional french nails and incorporates your favorite color.

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3. Half Matte Nails 

manicured nails with a red debelle top gloss red nail polish and a shady background


One of the prettiest manicures that you will never want to take off. It almost gives an illusion of a geometric nail art design with the diagonal division of texture.

All you need to do is apply your favorite color, top it off with a matte top coat. Then apply a glossy top coat to half of your nail at an angle. If you can’t work with steady hands then use a piece of tape as a guide. Remember to place the tape on your nail after the base is completely dry, otherwise, when you peel off the tape, the nail polish will not be in very good shape.

4. Pitter Patter on the nails 

Beautifully manicured nail art with a water droplet texture and a dark shady background.

Source - SimplyNailLogical 

Don’t we all love the rainy season while sipping on our best-loved hot beverages? If you love this vibe, then this nail art look is for you.

Paint your nails with the color of your choice and mattify them using a topcoat. Then pick up the same base color nail polish with a bobby pin or a toothpick and place random dots on the nail. This creates a perfect illusion of water droplets on your nails.

5. Matte nails with an accent 

Matte glitter accent nail

If you don’t have any tools or the patience to do nail art but still want your nails to have fun then you have to try this nail look. It requires no tools whatsoever and yet gives you chic nail art.

Paint your accent nail with a glittery nail polish like the DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Galaxia. And paint the rest of your nails with matte nail polish. Usually, the accent nail is the ring finger but you can choose your accent nail. This manicure adds the right amount of sparkle and matte for a go-to nail look.

Whenever working with matte nail art designs, remember to not apply a final topcoat. The whole point of matte nail polish is to add texture and have fun with it. 

Matte top coats are really dynamic. It can make your manicure go from basic to modish in just a few seconds. DeBelle Matte Top Coat is equally dynamic and can turn any of your glossy nail polish into a matte one with a single swipe. This way you don’t have to invest in multiple matte finish nail polishes. Go ahead and let your creativity out of the bag to create these fun and easy matte nail art looks now! 

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