5 Classic Nail Trends That Everyone Needs To Try!

Do you make nail contact before eye contact? Then chances are other people also observe your nails first, especially when you do hand gestures during a meeting or taking a picture with your favorite drink. A good manicure just makes everything better. 

This time, you don’t need to go to the salon to have beautiful nails, these classic nail trends can be done easily with no special tools from the comfort of your home. You will not only get to spend some me-time but also allow yourself to get creative and have fun with all the beautiful nail colors.

Remember to always use a base coat, this helps your manicure last longer and also helps nail polish apply smoother. DeBelle Nail Primer is the perfect base nail polish and also acts as a nail strengthener since it's enriched with argan oil. 

Here are 5 Classic nail trends that everyone should out now and get your #nailsonfleek moment!

5 Classic Nail Trends

1. Skittles manicure Skittles nails

Confused which shade of your color should you apply? Pink, light pink, pastel pink, baby pink, neon pink and so many pretty shades that you just can’t pick one! Well, problem solved because now you can have all the shades at once.

A skittle manicure is a classic nail trend that everyone can do without any extra effort. This nail look involves using nail polishes from the same color family; one on each nail. This looks cohesive and eye-catchy with minimal effort! Explore our Skittles Collection to find the perfect set of nail shades to try out this fun yet easy nail art trend. 

2. Abstract nail art Abstract nail art design

We have all seen Kylie Jenner’s abstract nail art everywhere breaking the internet. What makes this nail look unique is you can mix and match so many designs to make it look like a trendy nail art look.

Lines, flowy shapes, dots, color blocks with different colors are the way for an abstract nail art look. Your nail is a canvas, you can paint anything and allow yourself to be creative.

3. Floral nails  Floral nail art design

Flowers make us happy and they make us happier when they’re on our nails. One of the easiest ways to achieve floral nail art is by using a toothpick or a bobby pin. You can also combine floral nails with other nail trends to create the perfect #NOTD.

Adding flowers to geometric nails, glitter nails, nude nails, neon nails, or even a french manicure like Dua Lipa. You can have floral nail art on one nail as an accent or go all out, either way, it looks super edgy!

4. Animal print Leopard nails inspiration

Animal prints have taken over fashion and industry. Everything from zebra print t-shirts, to leopard print, dresses to cow print handbags is such a style statement. You can now bring this style statement to your nails! You don’t have to be perfect, all you need is black or white nail polish to create any nail art print. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Luxe Noir and DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Vanilla Croissant are the perfect pair!

To create a leopard print, choose any base color and use a toothpick with black nail polish and draw ‘c’ shapes using a stippling motion. To create a cow print, apply a white base and draw black blobs with black nail polish using a bobby pin. To create a zebra print, take a nail art brush dipped in black nail polish and draw stripes resembling a zebra print. And there you have the coolest most iconic nails in town!

5. Pastel nails Pastel skittles nails

Pastel colors are so calming and soft. Pastels colors like lavender, lilac, mint green, salmon color, periwinkle have been popular and continue to do so. You can paint your nails all different pastel colors to achieve a cute summer nail look.

Wondering where can you find these perfect pastel shades? The DeBelle French Patisserie Collection has the perfect combination of 12 trendy nail polish shades inspired by mouthwatering sweets! 

If you ever wanted to have a fun nail art look, now is the time. Even with the pandemic, you will be able to flaunt your nails during a zoom meeting or a cute virtual date. Some fancy nail art can is a mood changer and of course a cherry on the cake to your outfit of the day.

What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite nail colors and get on with the trendiest nail arts now with DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer! 

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