5 Nail Arts Inspired By Delicious Sweets

Every girl’s dream is to eat food without gaining weight. What if we tell you that you can now have all your favourite sweets at your fingertips without gaining a pound? If you drool at the sight of some delicious sweets just like us, then get ready for a sugar rush!

Yes, we all love a good red or purple color manicure. But sometimes a fun nail art look is all you need to add some sweetness to your life, just like you allow yourself to indulge in a cup of chocolate ice cream on your cheat days. Make everyday a cheat day with these drool-worthy nail art designs!

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. And desserts always make the day better. And which is that one place you can find all the divine desserts? A French Patisserie of course! The shades from DeBelle French Patisserie Collection do justice to the sweet treats they are named after and include everything from pastels to neons.

So quickly grab your nail palette and your favourite shades from the French Patisserie Collection to recreate these yummy dessert inspired nail art designs!

1. Did someone say donut?

Donut nail art design


Nothing satisfies our sweet cravings like a good old donut topped off with colorful sprinkles does. So let’s get these adorable sprinkles on our nails!

Apply a pink base color. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Strawberry Souffle is just the perfect pink for this one. Dip a toothpick or a nail art brush in some fun sprinkle colors like yellow, blue, white and green to draw short lines in random directions.

Top it off with a glossy topcoat! Sprinkles are not perfect, so you don’t have to be stressed about making the lines perfect. And voila, the easiest and eye-catching nail art inspired by donut sprinkles!

2. Colorful candies Colourful candies nail art design


    This dotticure nail art totally reminds us of the colourful candies with different flavours, strawberry, lemon, orange, blueberry and many more!

    Start with a plain white base. Good for you because we have DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Vanilla Croissant, a one coat white nail polish which makes the perfect white canvas to start with. Grab a toothpick or a bobby pin and dip it in some flavourful colors to represent the sweet treats! Place the bigger dots towards your free edge and smaller dots as you go near your cuticle. Seal it with a top coat to make this cute manicure long-lasting!

    Simple, short and sweet nail art which looks good on both short and long nails!

    3. Cupcake nail art Cupcake nail art design


      Cupcakes are the perfect bite-size desserts on the go. They come in different flavours and adorable toppings that make us want to put them on our nails!

      Start by painting half of your nail with a light pink base color. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Cherry Macaron is a soft powder pink shade that screams love! Add vertical lines with a darker pink shade to match the cup of a cupcake using a nail art brush. 

      Next, dip the toothpick in white polish to make the cupcake frosting by making dots over the cup of the cupcake. Use a dark pink shade to draw a little heart on the cupcake. To paint a heart, place 2 dots side by side and one dot in the center slightly below them, connect the dots and fill it in.

      No Cupcake is complete without sprinkles! Add a few dots on the white frosting using a light pink shade and you’re done! Seal it with a top coat. Pro tip: You can get creative and give all sorts of frosting like pink, blue, yellow and more to make the cupcake more appealing.

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      4. I scream nails! Ice cream nail art design


        Put your hands up if you have ever finished a tub of ice scream all by yourself! We hope you didn’t regret it because ice cream is always worth it! What’s more worth it is painting cute ice cream cones on your nails!

        Start with a white nail polish base so that your ice cream can pop better. Using a beige shade, paint a triangle pointing towards your free edge. You can do this easily by placing 3 dots first, connecting them and filling it in using a toothpick. It's time to paint all your favorite ice cream flavours! Place a blue dot and a yellow dot over the cone, overlapping it a little bit. And place an orange dot in the center over them.

        In real life you can’t possibly have 3-4 scoops of ice cream, but at your nail polish desk you definitely can!

        5. Sweet hearts Sweet hearts nail art design


          Remember those sweet heart candies which had flavoured liquid filled center? Yes, that’s everyone’s childhood favourite and is truly nostalgic.

          Start with a nude, white or light pink nail polish. Paint tiny hearts using different colors of your choice. You can also choose to paint one color heart on each nail for a minimal look. Top it off with a shiny top coat and your sweet little hearts are ready! We love this one because it is super cute and easy to do!

          If there’s a sweet shade that you might be missing from your nail polish collection to recreate any of these nail art ideas, then head over to our product section and browse from assorted yummilicious shades inspired by the country best known for their buttery croissants, macarons, tarts and so much more!

          These irresistible shades and all the DeBelle nail polishes have a High Shine, Long Lasting formula, Cruelty Free and Free From Harmful Toxins. Get your hands on them and paint your nails like one of the french desserts!

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