5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

Do you also make nail contact before eye contact? Then you know that nothing is more soothing to the eyes than a french manicure! Many nail trends come and go but a french manicure will always be close to our hearts. 

French manicures have come a long way and the reason why they will never go out of style is that it’s the easiest, quickest, and most classic nail look that anyone can pull off! While we are on a constant lookout for new nail trends, at times all we need is a simple french manicure. This classic manicure created somewhere around the 1920s still lives to be the go-to nail art look for so many of us when we’re confused and just don’t know what color to apply!

You don’t need to be a pro at nails to achieve the perfect french manicure, all you need in essence is good white nail polish! And furthermore, You don’t have to go to France for a french manicure, because we are bringing France to you! DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Vanilla Croissant is a one-coat white from our newest French Patisserie Collection that makes a perfect white nail polish for a french manicure.

But first things first; nail prep! 5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

Prepping your natural nails is the first step for any manicure that you do. This allows your manicure to last up to one week without chipping!

  • Wash your hands and remove any old nail polish that you might already have on your nails. To ensure your nails don’t dry out, use the DeBelle Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes. It comes in 3 exciting variants and one wipe is enough for 10 nails!
  • Next, trim and file your nails if necessary. This step ensures that all your nails have an even surface and are of equal length.

And your nails are ready to for a classic French manicure! 

Here are 5 tips that can help you achieve the perfect French Manicure!

1. Create a comfortable environment to paint your nails 5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

French Manicure might seem a bit advance, as the white tip needs to be clean and crisp. But our goal is to not only have the perfect french tip but also have a relaxing time.

If you’re stressed out then everything that you do might not go as planned. So make yourself comfortable, it is best if you sit at your desk where you can keep your hands well-rested. This way your hands won’t move or be too shaky while creating that white tip.

2. Always opt for a subtle and natural base color 5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

The thing about french manicures is that they look naturally perfect! And in reality, not all of us have that natural flushed pink nail beds. To disguise this look, opt-in for a soft pink or milky white base color. This not only gives an illusion of perfect natural nails but also helps your nails have an even base color.

DeBelle Nail Primer makes the perfect base for any manicure as it evens your nail surface for a smoother application along with a milky white natural look. This nail primer will also help with better adhesion and make your french manicure last even longer! It is enriched with argan oil that hydrates your nails while smoothing out its surface. A must have for long-lasting and flawless manicure look! 

3. Creating the perfect French tip 5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

Creating a white smile line for a french manicure isn’t a piece of cake for beginners. You can use a good old scotch tape and cut it in a U-shape. These tape guides are a life savior for all nail polish lovers.

Once you cut them, stick them on your nail where the free edge starts. Paint your favorite white nail polish, like our non-streaky one coat white nail polish Vanilla Croissant, on the tips and peel the tape right away. And voila! You have a mess-free french manicure with your DIY French tip guide!

4. Use a thin nail art brush 5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

Getting a thin nail art brush is an investment. You can do the cutest and most elegant nail arts by yourself using these brushes from the comfort of your home!

Here’s how you can use a nail art brush for a french manicure.

  • Start by laying some white nail polish on a piece of paper or a palette.
  • Load your nail art brush with white nail polish and start following the natural curve of your nail tip.
  • Once you draw that line, simply fill it in with the nail polish brush. If you’re too intimidated, then start slow by making dots and then connecting them with a line followed by filling it in.

This way you have full control over how your french manicure looks and you can customize it according to your natural nail curve.

5. Spice up your french manicure! 5 Tips For A Perfect French Manicure

Yes, there is nothing better than a classic french manicure but if you’re feeling colorful then you can totally switch up the white tips for pastel shades and metallic shades for a fun look.

You can follow the same exact tips and use a color of your choice instead of white! If you are looking for something extra then go for a chevron french manicure, unlike the classic french manicure this one has a chevron white edge instead of a rounded one. This looks super chic and elegant!

We hope that you find these tips helpful and are looking forward to doing your nails the DeBelle way! All the DeBelle nail polishes give you a salon-like glossy manicure at home. These are Toxins Free, Cruelty-Free and Naturally Enriched with Seaweed Extract, which promotes Nail growth. And are available in a variety of shades to suit your mood, outfit, and occasion! 

Visit our gel nail polishes collection today to treat your nails with a chic gram-worthy nail look!


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