5 Skittle Nail Arts For Summers

While in lockdown, we all tried various forms of self-care, such as meditation, yoga, skincare, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and even hair cutting. Summer is usually when we all want to change up our appearance, and since we can't go out, we've been trying to do so at home. Changing your nail color is the simplest way to feel like you're going through a transformation. It's a quick and easy semi-permanent way to change your look, mood, and vibe!

Today, we've decided to discuss this trend, which is PERFECT for spring and summer and will make you feel bright and happy.

Why is everyone going in on the Skittle nail trend?

The 'Skittles manicure' was a huge trend that we saw on many runways towards the end of 2019 and then trickled down to spring with a brighter color palette. At one of his appearances, Harry Styles also wore this fun manicure.

This look is ideal for someone who can't decide between nail colors. Why pick when you can have them all? This manicure defies nail color conventions by requiring you to apply a bright hue to each finger, emulating rainbow-colored candy! What's the best part about this? The color scheme is entirely up to you. There are no rules at all. You could go all-nude, all-pastel, or even all-bright neon.

Let’s prep our nails!

The summer season calls for love and adventure, meaning you’d be spending most of your time on vacations or floating in the pool. Amid all this, seeing your nail polish chip can probably be a buzzkill. So let’s do a thorough nail prep to make your nail summer skittle manicure last longer!

1. Remove any old nail polish 

The first step is to remove any old nail polish using a nail polish remover. However, we don't recommend using acetone as it can dry out your nails and cuticles. Instead, try the DeBelle Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes. These nail polish remover wipes made in India contain Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, & vitamin E that moisturize your nails & cuticles while also removing your nail polish effectively!

2. Apply a primer 

Now that your nails are clean and ready to be painted apply a primer base coat. A base coat helps adhere the nail polish color better, prevents staining, and makes nail polish last longer. If you use the DeBelle Nail Primer, you also get the added benefit of evening out your nail surface with a hint of nude shade. It also acts as a nail strengthener since it's enriched with nourishing, protecting, & hydrating argan oil. 

Here are 5 Skittle nail looks that you can try this summer!

1. Paint the rainbow 


Why not pick them all when you can’t seem to pick a color? Choose bright colors from the rainbow palette and paint all your nails differently. Honestly, we think this is the ideal summer manicure because it is poppy, instantly lifts your mood, and effortlessly fun to do! Get all the rainbow colors in our nail polish section, and don’t forget to add a mint green shade for the swimming pool vibe. We recommend Peppermint Pudding as a must-have in your collection this summer!

2. Go purple 

Shop Grapevine Skittles
As we all know, periwinkle is the official Pantone Color of the Year 2022, and we have seen it everywhere. It is now time to put them on your nails too! This is the best way to complement your wardrobe and be trendy this summer. Blueberry Crepe is our top pick this summer to match the Pantone.
3. Sunset Skittles Nails 

Shop Banana Caramel Skittles

A skittle nail look inspired by the calming shades of sunset is a must-have in the summer season. Go ahead and pick your colors from the summer sky and paint your little sunset on the tips. The sunset-themed skittle manicure is probably incomplete without a gorgeous bright yellow. Check out DeBelle Caramelo Yellow, a fun and summery yellow Nail polish shade that would make your nails stand out! 

4. Berry Skittles 

Shop Berry Skittles

Although the colors of Skittles candy are bright, neutrals pinks look fantastic with this nail trend. Dusty mauves, pinks, nudes and greys, and whites and off-whites are some of the more subtle options. We got you covered with our Berry themes skittles collection! It includes some of our most loved shades like Sparkling Dust, Vintage Frost, Plum Toffee, and Majestique Mauve.

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5. Matte Pastel Rainbow 

Pastel shades have been a huge hit in the fashion and beauty industry, and they continue to dominate the nail industry. Pastel nail polish shades are always a go-to option for summer when you want to be colorful yet subtle.

Suppose you want to save the trouble of finding some of the best pastel shades, then check out this lovely combo of 4 pastel nail shades. You can add our DeBelle matte top coat to these shades and nail this trendy manicure!

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