10 Nail Paint Shades For Workplace 2022 Edition

Do you love nail polish so much that you feel like it every day, but you must tone it down because of your office dress code? Every workplace has a dress code that must be followed. Imagine wearing a bright nail paint colour today. How would it appear? Slightly out of place? 

Sometimes if your nails don't match your dress code, you will be dissatisfied with your overall appearance, which may affect your confidence. So we've compiled a list of nail polish colours appropriate for your 9 to 5 days and beyond.

We've also launched the Mademoiselle Mauve collection, which is full of different textures and suitable for work. You are bound to nail your office day with these beautiful nail polish shades and clean, well-cut, and well-shaped nails.

10 Nail Polish Shades For Work 2022 Edition

1. A Peace of White 

One coat white nail polish DeBelle

Snow, pearl, shimmery, and cream whites are so popular at the moment for a reason. White is one of those colours that never fails to produce stunning nail polish. It is a universal colour, not too bright and not too funky, yet it makes a statement when you apply it. If a pure white shade is too much, choose an off-white one for a subtle look.

And if you are looking for an opaque one-coater white nail polish, then Vanilla Croissant is for you.

Get Vanilla Croissant 

2. Mauve it Like Mauve Mauve nail polish DeBelle

The best way to wear a natural nail polish shade while still adding a subtle pop of colour is by wearing a classic mauve shade. You can play around for any occasion, from a sales meeting to your date night with Glamorous Jessica. 

Get Glamorous Jessica 

3. Shades of Nude Ready to Rule Nude nail polish shade for indian skintone

Choose a colour that complements your skin tone so your hands can shine. Any brownish, pinkish beige nail colour can be appropriate for the office. Angelic Saira is a unique nude shade with tiny golden and silver metallic pieces that adds elegance to your daily office look book.

Get Angelic Saira 

4. Grey, But Not Cliche Sombre grey nail polish DeBelle

Whether you choose light or dark grey nail polish, it will be appropriate for work. Considering that most work wear has a grey colour palette, it can become the official colour for the job!

Get Sombre Grey 

5. Pink Blush for Meeting in a Rush Cookie crumble nail polish shade

On days when you don’t know which nail shade to wear, go for pink as it will never disappoint you. If you want to up your nail game a little and still be work appropriate, then you have to try Inspiring Ira, which is nail art in a bottle with tiny black glitters for a fun manicure.

Get Inspiring Ira

6. Pale Green for a Bright Work Day Pista green nail polish

You may be wondering how going green can ever look work-appropriate. The key is to pick a muted, pale pistachio green instead of a dark or bright one. It is perfect for an edgy yet soft look on any working day.

Get Fleur Pistachio 

7. Lilac Love Lilac nail polish

Wearing reds, corals, and blacks is far too ordinary and too daring for a regular work day. However, purple is one of the most popular colours right now. Indulge your love of unique colours with this sober and adorable shade of lilac on your nails.

Get Lilac Bloom 

8. Top off with a Taupe 

    This sophisticated mauve-toned cool brown is a great neutral shade for work despite being slightly darker in color. It's a cross between a soft lavender and taupe.

    Get Rose Taupe

    9. Red, But not Really 

      Bright reds and burgundy tend to be too flashy and bold for an everyday office look. Plus, being brighter colours will always get too distracting with your overall formal attire. Indulge in a dull reddish-mauve with a hint of shimmer for a versatile look.

      Get Poise Nicole

      10. Matte Won’t Make you Mad 

      Get DeBelle Matte Top Coat 

      Matte nails are always great for a change and add a touch of elegance to your manicures. If you don’t have an assortment of matte nail polish shades, then simply invest in a matte top coat!

      On regular days and occasions, you want everyone to focus on your freshly done manicure, which can be a great ice breaker. Still, for some of us, this cannot be feasible due to different rules and regulations in a corporate setting.

      However, wearing subtle manicures with the shades mentioned above is a great way to go about it. For more work-appropriate nail shades, check out our newly launched Mademoiselle Mauve collection curated especially for the modern woman.

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