10 Effortless No-tool Nail Art Design Tutorials

How often have you seen nail art and wanted to get it done? A hundred times. And how many times do you get it done?

Probably zero. Most of the time, we see such beautiful nail arts on the internet or celebrities but fail to do them because we either don’t have the same shades, skills, or tools or don’t know how to do them, for that matter. But we have decoded some extremely trendy nail arts you can do at home without professional tools. All you need is your favourite DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer shades and some household items to start! 

But first, prep your nail for a fresh manicure. Wash your hands thoroughly, and using one DeBelle nail lacquer remover wipe, get rid of any nail polish you might have on your nails. Next, file and shape your nail if necessary and apply the DeBelle primer base coat to smoothen your nails. This little nail prep routine will ensure you have a clean nail canvas and make your fresh manicure last as long as possible.

Now your nails are ready to be dolled up with these adorable and chic DIY nail arts!

10 Effortless No-tool Nail Art Design Tutorials 

1. Starburst dotticure



This nail art can practically work with just 2 contrasting nail shades. You will be left with a fabulous starburst, almost mandala-like pattern. 

Recreate this with: Jade Willow and Vanilla Croissant

2. Colour pop dots 

If you love neon polishes but do not so much to paint all your nails, then this one is for you. This will make your neon polishes truly vibrant and eye-catchy.
Recreate this with: Luxe Noir, Vanilla Croissant and Rose Sorbet

3. Summertime happiness 

Do you love summers so much that you feel they should never end? Having oranges is probably one of our favourite memories, and it's time to paint them on your nails with minimal effort. Since oranges aren’t perfect, this hack works perfectly! 

Recreate this with: Vanilla Croissant, Tangerine Sheen and Matcha Cookie

4. Chevron Frenchies 

A french manicure never disappoints, and this one will be your next go-to look. With a chevron's crisp, sharp lines, you can create these with your nail polish brush! It looks best when you layer multiple shades giving it the illusion of intricate nail art.

Recreate this with: Woody chocolate, Jade Willow, Cosmic Emerald, Vanilla Croissant and Starry Walnut

5. Heart-shaped frenchies 

Hands down, this one is the easiest way to do nail art without any tools. Using the nail polish brush, paint an m-like shape forming semi-circles to fill the free edge, and you are done! 

Recreate this with: Chrome Silver and Blueberry Crepe

6. “Step-up” your nail game 

There is so much you can do with the nail polish brush straight out of the bottle. Paint your nails with these ascending steps of different colours for a fun look.

Recreate this with: Luxe Noir, Vanilla Croissant, Chrome Wine, Caramelo Yellow

7. Rainbow threads 

We all have some random pieces of thread lying around; it is time to put them to good use. Doing this thread nail art gives an almost water marble-like effect without hassle!

Recreate this with: Lilac Bloom, Velvette Truffle, Merlot Rose, and Yellow Topaz

8. Splatter nail art 

This can officially be your nail art for the next festival of colours. A burst of colours that is perfect for the summer and is so easy to do! Make sure to use a paper straw with this one!

Recreate this with: Vanilla Croissant, Mystique Green and Peppermint Pudding

9. Therapeutic glitter placement 

Glitters make life so much better! With this minimal yet elegant nail art, you are bound to leave your sparkle everywhere you go. 

Recreate this with: Lilac Bloom

10. Easy skittles 

Skittle nail art is the way to go if you feel too lazy to do any of these nail arts! Pick up your favourite nail polish shades and paint all your nails differently. Believe it or not, skittle nail art is the biggest nail trend of all time!

Recreate this with: Melonberry Skittles

Now that your nail inspiration is ready grab your DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers and get started! Don’t forget to use a top coat to add shine and make your no-tool nail art last longer! 

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