15 Mauve Nail Art Designs You Need To Try!

Even if you have hundreds of nail polish bottles in your collection, you may find it difficult to lean away from standard colours. However, after the release of our Mademoiselle Mauve collection, we are officially inspired to do some mauve nail arts. 

The best thing about mauve nail polish is that it comes in so many different shades, whether you want something minimal and sophisticated or deep and rich. And to prove it, we found the 15 prettiest mauve nail art design inspirations worth trying right now, along with all the mauve shade polish suggestions you'll need to recreate them. So tell your old polishes to make room!

Mauve Nail Art Designs 

1. Floral 

Flowers never seem to disappoint us. Opt for a floral pattern over white on your accent nails while keeping it minimal with Glamorous Jessica on other nails.

2. Abstract 

When you are confused about which nail art to pick, combine all of them into one style to create an abstract one! Chevron, freehand, colour block and matte finish include the best of all nail art looks!

3. Flower Power 

You can never go wrong with dotted flowers. The best part is that you can do them easily using household items within just a few steps!

4. Fanned petals 

There are several different ways to paint flowers, and we love this one! These dual-toned mauve garnets will surely brighten your day!

5. Cookie Ombre 

Textured ombres make for unique nail art and go well whether you're going for a Monday meeting or a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. 

6. Minimal yin-yang 

Want to strike the perfect balance of good and bad? Paint this minimal yin-yang near your cuticles and live your life mantra to the fullest.

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7. Stripe away 

With the help of some good old tape, you can recreate this striped nail art. Paint stripes on the accent nails are vital to keeping them elegant.

8. Cotton candy swirls 

A combination of pinks, whites, and powder blue makes for a perfect swirl nail art. Pro tip: Add a few swirls of glitter nail polish to make it more festive!

9. Lazy daisy 

A purple-hued mauve is all you need to conquer the world with a bunch of super cute daisies. 

10. Glitter makes everything better 

Choose a mauve-themed party on your nails with this Dainty Diana, which allows you to experiment with colours and designs while remaining super wearable and pretty.

11. Mandala love 

Mandalas are intricate nail designs that can be drawn on the nails. But after seeing the finished product, they look stunning. A simple black and white mandala design over Magical Misha will add elegance to your nails.

12. Ice cream pop 

With the contrast of an ice cream cone statement matte finish, this creamy, dreamy texture-driven manicure pops and makes an ideal manicure for the summers!

13. Cartoon bow 

Lovely Bow Nail art is simple to do and looks adorable combined with the ruffian negative space. This nail art appears complicated, but it is simple to create once you have a steady hand.

14. Chevron stripes 

If you use the right colour combinations, chevron nails can look fantastic. In addition, Chevron nail designs are simple to create even at home, painted over Inspiring Ira.

15. Nail art in a bottle 

When in doubt, add a coat of Elite Tiffany on your favourite mauve nail polishes for an effortless statement nail art design! This one can transform your polishes with just one coat or a glam look with two coats!

Choosing a mauve nail polish colour is a good idea because it allows you to combine bright and naked nails in one mani easily. So grab a cup of your favourite tea or freshly brewed coffee and get mauve-y with these fun nail arts!

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