Best Nail Polish Shades For Different Occasions

On average, women spend almost 5 months of their working life from the age of 18-65: deciding what to wear. Well, that is a lot of time ladies! But don't we all do the same while choosing a nail polish colour?

Whenever we see an occasion approaching, our first thought is "I need to go shopping right away!". Once we are done with shopping for outfit, accessories, and makeup, our attention comes towards our bare nails! Yep, let's not forget about our nails.

Choosing the best nail polish shade according to the occasion is as hard as choosing an outfit, isn't it? We have made your task of choosing nail polish shades easier for you by charting out some great nail polish recommendations for different occasions. Keep on reading!

Best Nail Polish Shades For Different Occasions

1. Best Nail Polish Shades For A First Date

Scarlet red nail polish for first date
First impression is the last impression! This is what a famous guy blogger, Abraham Lloyd, who blogs about dating says - "Nails are one of the first things that I notice on a date."

"Nails should complement appearance, not upstage or detract from it." He further adds. Taking a note from this statement that comes from a dating expert, ladies should ensure that they have well-manicured nails before their date! Paint your nails just a day before your date night so that the manicure can look fresh.

Go with a feminine colour like pink or scarlet red, both of these colours are very romantic! We recommend - DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Miss Bliss (baby pink with tiny glitters) and French Affair (scarlet red).

2. Best Nail Polish Shades For A Beach Holiday Nail polish shade for vacation

Happiness is... A long beach walk and the smell of the sea!

While you are on your much deserved beach holidays after escaping your tiring 9-5 job or studies, you would still want to look nothing less than perfect, isn't it?

Match your nails with the colour of the ocean and paint them with a blue or teal colour! We recommend this beautiful shade called Tahiti Teal from our collection. It is a spellbinding shade which will make your hands look chic! You may also like the more-peppy version of this shade - Peppermint Pudding which is a light teal blue shade that represents clear blue beach waters. 

4. Best Nail Polish Shades For An Interview

Perfect nail polish colour for interview
How you present yourself in your interview matters a lot! Fashion experts mainly suggest ladies to wear something that looks professional and is of neutral colour like beige or white.

The same should go with your nails, avoid dark coloured nail polish and stick to soft colours like light pink, mauve or nude. Even if you are wearing a dark coloured outfit, you should still go with a neutral shade of nail polish for a sophisticated look.

Check out these beautiful shades from our collection which will add beauty to your nails - Miss Bliss, Majestique Mauve, Natural Blush. You can buy these beauties online on Amazon India as well as from our website. 

5. Best Formal Nail Polish Shades For Office

Maroon Nail polish shade for office
Neutral colours that are appropriate for interviews can also be worn to office with strict formal dress code. Although, you can definitely experiment a bit with your nail colours and choose red or maroon shades of nail polish.

You may also do French manicure nail art with them as it is considered classy! Try the two rich red and maroon shades from our collection - French Affair and Moulin Rouge, your female colleagues would definitely be jealous of your flawless manicure if you wear these two shades that have an amazing gel based, salon shine finish.

6. Quirky / Casual Nail Polish Shades For Office Wear 

Quirky nail polish colour

Most of the offices these days have a very relaxed atmosphere. There are little to no rules regarding dress code, makeup, nail colours and so on. If you are lucky enough to be a part of such cool office, you can flaunt just any shade of nail polish you like!

From quirky coral shade like Princess Belle to holographic glittery awesomeness like Galaxia, DeBelle houses all kinds of trendy and chic nail polish shades that you would love to adorn your nails with!

7. Best Nail Polish Shades For Friend's Wedding Golden glitter nail polish colour

Match your nail polish colour with the outfit you will be wearing for your friend's wedding. Or, you can do something totally unique..

As weddings are all about colours and bling, you can combine both of these elements and go for a shade that compliments your outfit and paint your accent nail with a blingy shade like Sirius or Canopus from our Galaxie nail polish collection. 

8. Best Nail Polish Shades For Indian Wedding

Wine red nail polish color
The colour red is deeply connected to Indian weddings. It is a traditional colour and it is the #1 preferred colour of brides.

Most of the Indian brides wear scarlet red nail polish as it goes well with their bridal outfits, no matter whether it is a red lehenga, a typical Maharashtrian green wedding saree or a Keralite kasavu saree - red nail polish can be paired with all of them! You may also go for a wine red shade like Merlot Rose

Brides to be who are planning to wear a white wedding gown can pair it with a soft toned beige nail polish colour like Natural

Blush and add nail studs on each nail. They are pretty easy to find in the market and they make the nails look even prettier!

9. Best Nail Polish Shades For Party / Clubbing Bright Yellow nail polish

We don't think that there is any nail polish shade which would be deemed as not party or clubbing friendly! You can pick whichever shade you want, that suits your taste and personality. Try some funky colours like Caramelo Yellow and Mystique Green.

Can't choose just one nail shade for a special occasion? We understand your dilemma! Check out our skittles nails collection to explore the perfect skittles nail colour combos that you can paint away your tips with!

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