10 Accent Nail Colour Combos To Try

Isn't life more exciting when you have a partner in crime? Like life, your favourite nail polish shades also need a partner in crime. When choosing a nail colour, you want to pick another colour that compliments it—applying this other colour on just a couple of your nails ups your nail game instantly. 

Now, you would be wondering how to pick out shades that go well together? We've got your back if you are looking for accent nail color inspiration. We have specially curated combos of stunning shades from our collection that complement each other. 

So bring out your colourful side, and let's get started.

10 Accent Nail Colour Combos To Try 

1. Ophelia & De’Carnation

Peach and pink are essentially from the same colour family, so they go very well together. Ophelia is a pretty subtle pink shade with loads of tiny glitters. It adds the perfect amount of bling to your manicure. On the other hand, De'Carnation is a warm peachy pink that will make your manicure stand out.

2. Ophelia & Luxe Lotus

Sometimes we need a pretty deep magenta nail polish to rule the world, and with an accent colour like Ophelia, you are bound to rule the universe! With this colour combination, your manicure will look super bold and party-ready.

3. Viola Dew & Vintage Frost

Purples are probably the most trendy shades this year. You will be setting everywhere, right from fashion to home decor, so this shade becomes a little too overwhelming. To balance it out, you can use a pretty pinky nude shade. Viola Dew and Vintage frost is just the combo you need.

4. Mary Magnolia & Victorian Beige 

If you love neutrals, then this combo is made just for you. Victorian Beige is the perfect nude neutral shade that looks stunning on all skin tones. At the same time, Mary Magnolia is a gorgeous muted pink shade that adds the right pop of colour for your neutral manicure.

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5. Luxe Noir & Caramelo Yellow

If you are looking for something bold and out of the box, check out this peppy combination. You are all set for the summer with a bright yellow nail polish and deep black shade!

6. Lemon Tart & Strawberry Souffle

Are you looking for something fun and bright? Lemon Tart and Strawberry Souffle sound like a great dessert combination and an excellent nail combination! These two shades compliment each other and make a fun spring colour palette.

7. Glamorous Garnet & Shimmer Top Coat

This combo is for those in love with deep classic maroons. Of course, wearing this shade never gets old!

But what's new is you can make this shade look more elegant and festive by applying the Shimmer Top Coat on your accent nail. You can also apply this topcoat over Glamourous Garnet for extra bling of holographic effect!

8. Chrome Wine & Chrome Glaze

The metallic finish of these two shades is super soft and shiny at the same time. Gone are the days when metallic polishes only meant silver and gold. Instead, chrome Wine is a beautiful dusty purple, while Chrome Glaze is a lovely pink shade complements each other.

9. Majestique Mauve & Chrome Silver

Want a blingy accent nail but not too blingy? This is just the colour combo for you. Chrome Silver is literally like melted silver in a bottle that applies smooth and dries very reflective. Majestique Mauve is a dusty rose shade that suits all skin tones, and with a touch of Chrome Silver, your manicure is set to grab attention!

10. Peony Blossom & Apricot Dew

If you are all about pretty pinks, you can't have enough out of this combination. Peony Blossom and Apricot Dew look nothing less than a floral bouquet on your fingertips. It is the perfect balance of neutral and bright pink shade for your next accent nail inspiration!

Accent nails are the easiest way to make your solid colour manicure more interesting by adding a contrasting colour to one or two nails on each hand. Having an accent nail in your everyday manicure makes for an unexpected pop of colour. 

These are all the exciting accent nail combos you should try out, and don't forget to use the DeBelle Top & Base Coat to make all your manicures last long with a smooth glossy finish!

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