Step-by-step Guide To Create Tortoise Shell Nail Art Design

Bringing out your wild side with some animal print nail art is fun to express your style quotient. Leopard print nails were probably the first animal print nail art that created a buzz in the beauty industry. We have been witnessing so many creative versions of it ever since!

The world has been picking up on trendy animal prints like cow prints, tiger prints, zebra prints and combining them with different colours all over the world, right from the runway to home decor to nails. 

As the beauty industry continues to be ahead of the trends, tortoise print seems to be taking over the world this time! Everyone loves how unique this tortoise shell nail art is. You can flaunt it too with our easy step by step guide on how to create a tortoise shell nail art.

Step-by-step Guide To Create Tortoise Shell Nail Art Design

Tortoise shell nail art design


Step 1: Prep your nails

Prepping your nails for a trendy manicure is essential as it will allow your nail art to look professional, clean, and last long. Start by removing any old nail polish and file your nails to make them even. Tortoise shell nail art looks stunning on all nail shapes and lengths, but they look even more stunning on rounded nails. Next, apply a base coat for better adhesion of nail polish and smooth application. DeBelle Nail Primer is the perfect base coat for all your manicures. 

Step 2: Get your colour palette in place

All you need to recreate the tortoise shell nail art is the right colours. First, you need five shades of beige colour. Beige being the lightest and black being the darkest.

Finding all the shades in between can be a task, but we have made it easier. Victorian Beige, Caramel Auburn, Woody Chocolate, Rusty Henna and Luxe Noir are the perfect shades for a tortoise shell nail art. Once you stock up these shades, we'll be applying them in the order mentioned above, starting light to dark. So let's get to the good part!

Step 3: Time to unleash your wild side!

Begin by painting Victorian Beige on all your nails. It is a soft neutral beige that makes an excellent base for nail arts. Next, mix equal parts of Caramel Auburn and a top coat on a piece of paper.

Mixing the topcoat with these shades gives you a jelly effect and is the key to having seamless tortoise shell nail art. Once you mix these two, place random patches on your nails with the nail polish brush.

Make sure you don't cover the entire nail and leave room for other colours. Repeat the process by layering Woody Chocolate, Rusty Henna and lastly, a little bit of Luxe Noir.

Step 4: Add some magic!

It is time to make this manicure a whole lot more fun. To make this manicure more elegant, take some gold nail polish on a nail art brush and add some spots on your nails.

This will tie the whole look together and perhaps make it more festive. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Canopus is an ideal choice for gold accents as it is a smooth gold beige nail shade with tiny black glitter pigments; just the right amount of sparkle we need for this manicure!

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Step 5: Top it off!

As you might have figured out by now, a topcoat is an essential part of this nail look, and its role isn't over yet. You can enhance the colours and their jelly effect with a glass-like finish, which is precisely what DeBelle Top & Base Coat does for you!

In addition, it is enriched with argan oil that makes your nails stronger & healthier, adds a glossy finish and makes your manicure last longer! These are just a few reasons to love this multitasker!

When you see these tortoise shell nails, they look so intricate, but who would have known they'd be so easy to recreate that too without any artistic skills or nail tools. You can wear this nail look on your nails or just as an accent combined with a bold red or black solid nail polish. 

No matter how you decide to wear these tortoise shell nails, people will notice them and ask you where you got them done. So keep embracing your wild side with ease trendy tortoise nails. 

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