10 Nail Art Trends For 2022

The new year brings new experiences and often brings a list of resolutions, goals, and to-do lists. But when you add all things essential to these lists, why leave your nails behind? A fresh manicure for a new year sounds necessary. Nail art trends have been rising more than ever in 2022, from the red carpet to fashion shows to even iconic Netflix series. Everyone in the nail industry is in on this! 

It is time to create your style of nail looks that you can flaunt and give the new year a perfect start! Plus, nail art is not only about applying nail polish; it is about exploring your creative side and having some quality me-time. Isn't that something you've been looking forward to this new year? Watch out for these ten nail art trends for 2022; there's a lot of fun coming our way.

Nail Art Trends For 2022

1. Rainbow Glitter Ombré 

Rainbow glitter ombre nail art design

Calling the glittering army to assemble, indulge in a colourful glitter ombre for a super fun look! If you want to make your regular nail shades even more sparkly, then opt for DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Shimmer Top Coat. This beautiful holographic glitter topper transforms your nail polishes and manicures into something extraordinary.

2. The Skittles Mani Skittles nail art design

The year 2022 may come and go, but this nail trend is here to stay! The skittle manicure trend has been an internet sensation. Picking a nail shade to apply has always been a struggle, but why not choose them all if you like so many shades? Pick all your favourite colours that speak to you - monochromes, shimmers, pastels or create something entirely new! Explore our skittles collection now. 

3. Minimal Daisies Floral daisies nail art design diy

Nail art trends are incomplete without florals. You can pick a neutral base color or paint these daisies over DeBelle Nail Primer. It has a soft milky shade, plus it makes your manicure last longer! And right now, if you have the power of dainty daisies, then you are all set to take over 2022!

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4. Pearls are your new best friend Pearls nail art design

Charms and rhinestones are an old story because pretty pearls are here to win. These pearl stones look chic, subtle and make a dream manicure. Many celebrities have also flaunted this nail trend, including Kylie Jenner!

5. Mix n Match Mix and match nail art design

When it comes to starting a new year, you may set some rules for yourself, but there are no rules when it comes to nail art. Use various nail tools and incorporate all the latest nail trends into one manicure! You can have a different nail design on each nail and call it a day!

6. The man-icures  Black Manicure for men

Nail polishes are for everyone! From Harry Styles to Machine Gun Kelly, wearing nail polish has been more of a form of style and self-expression rather than a gender norm. If you are a guy who is still hesitant to try wearing nail polish, the best way is to start with black. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Luxe Noir is a one-coat black polish that will not disappoint you!

7. Red never goes out of style 

A bold red shade is all you need to rock this new year. Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Weddings, Festivities, or a casual lunch, you can never go wrong with a beautiful red manicure. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Merlot Rose is a gorgeous wine shade that suits all skin tones!

8. The tortoiseshell look Tortoise shell nail art design trend

In 2022, animal print not only includes leopard and cow prints. This nail look involves earthy tones of browns and looks stunning! DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Caramel Auburn and Rusty Henna are your ideal picks to recreate this nail look!

9. Spring SwirlsSpring swirls nail art design

Spring colours like yellows, pinks, oranges, light blues make a great colour palette for swirl nail art. Swirls have been dominating the nail art industry for quite a while, and it doesn't seem to fade away anytime soon!

10. Veri-Peri Nails Veri peri nail polish shade

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Blueberry Crepe is a great colour match for the trendiest shade of the year! Since Pantone announced the Colour of The Year 2022, people have been going gaga over this shade, and so are we! It is difficult to find a close dupe for this soothing periwinkle shade, but we have just what you need.

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Nail art trends never fail to wow us! We would love to know which nail art trends you have tried and which of these you would like to try next. Have a happy manicure, and we hope you accomplish all your new year goals in 2022 (with pretty nails)!

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