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  • Important Skincare Tips For Teenagers

    Our body goes through various physical and hormonal changes during the teen years. These changes can wreck a havoc on our skin and lead to acne, pigmentation and many other such blemishes.

    If these issues are not taken care of at the right time with the right kind of products and techniques, they can end up as permanent marks or indentations on your skin. In this post, we are going to tell you why is it important to take care of your skin right from your teen years and also share some teenage skincare related tips.

  • The Best Foods For Healthy Skin

    You are what you eat - How accurate is this statement?

    "Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body as well. The healthier the foods that you consume, the better your skin will look." - says Samantha Heller, a popular clinical nutritionist from New York. 

  • Why Facial Exfoliation Is Necessary

    Be it cleansing, moisturizing or masking, every step in a normal skincare routine has its own set of benefits that you should not miss out on, that includes exfoliation too! Read this post to know why facial exfoliation is so necessary for your skin.
  • Natural Beauty Secrets Used By Celebrities

    Even though celebrities live a much more hectic life than most of us, they still somehow manage to have a perfectly spotless and radiant complexion! You would be surprised to know while the majority of us believe that the secret behind their flawless skin must be some expensive and exotic beauty treatments, the truth is, most celebrities rely on natural DIYs to take care of their skin.

  • 5 Skincare Tips For Autumn

    Autumn season is all about the splendid sights of mother nature, hot chocolates and the chilly pre-winter winds that make us want to stay in our beds all day! 

    But while everything about autumnal weather feels just magical and cozy, its effects are totally the opposite for your skin! 

  • What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

    The type of blemishes present on your face could most certainly be a result of your habits as well as some underlying medical factors that you may not be aware of.
  • How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

    No one likes to show up on a date with less than perfect looking skin. We all want to look our best when we are meeting that special someone for t...
  • Beauty Resolutions You Should Make

    You don't have to wait until the new year's to pick your resolutions! You can start making changes to your lifestyle right away, the ones that would help you to stay healthy and fit. The same applies for making certain changes to improve the health of your skin too! 
  • The Best Antioxidants For Skin

    Our skin requires constant love and care to stay beautiful and maintain its youthfulness. 

    Every day, we end up exposing our skin to UV rays and several harmful environmental pollutants that can damage the skin and lead to premature signs of aging. Free radicals are also one of the major culprits that can harm the skin and may make you appear older than you are! 

  • Benefits Of Pearl Dust For Skin

    Pearl Dust is a unique ingredient that you will find in a lot of beauty and makeup products. You may think that it is a new-found "gem" of an ingredient in the beauty world, but the truth is, the first usage of pearl dust for beauty purposes dates back to ancient China.
  • Beauty Essentials That Complement Your Work OOTD

    You don't need to cake up your face with multiple beauty products to look polished and put together for work! All you need is just a few beauty essentials that can help you glam up in no time before you head out to your office. These staple products will enhance the features of your face and also complement your formal work attire very well.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

    Often times, while strolling through the cosmetics aisle in the market or surfing your favourite online shopping websites, you may have come across skincare or makeup products carrying "cruelty-free" labels on them and wondered what the label indicates.