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  • What Are Biocellulose Sheet Masks & How Are They Different?

    There are two types of people in the world, ones who like creamy face packs and the ones who are absolutely in love with sheet masks. Now, if you b...
  • Important Skincare Tips For Teenagers

    Our body goes through various physical and hormonal changes during the teen years. These changes can wreck a havoc on our skin and lead to acne, pigmentation and many other such blemishes.

    If these issues are not taken care of at the right time with the right kind of products and techniques, they can end up as permanent marks or indentations on your skin. In this post, we are going to tell you why is it important to take care of your skin right from your teen years and also share some teenage skincare related tips.

  • Why You Should Be Using A Hand Cream Daily

    You might be committed towards your daily facial skincare routine, but are you paying enough attention to the skin on your hands?

    More often than not, people end up ignoring the delicate skin of their hands while they are following up with their usual daily beauty routine.. which ideally should not happen!

  • How To Choose The Right Skin Moisturizer

    Having glowing, smooth and healthy looking skin naturally makes one feel confident about themselves. And to get the kind of flawless skin that you desire, you need to use a daily skin moisturizer which is customized according to your skin!

    We are sharing a quick guide that will help you to choose the right skin moisturizer for yourself by keeping your skin type in mind. Let's get started with the guide!