What Are Biocellulose Sheet Masks & How Are They Different?

There are two types of people in the world, ones who like creamy face packs and the ones who are absolutely in love with sheet masks. Now, if you belong to the former, then you need to start making room for some exciting sheet masks right away! And if you belong to the latter category, then let me introduce you to the gold mine of Bio cellulose sheet masks, which are an absolute gamechanger in terms of skincare.

Sheet masks have gained momentum ever since Korean beauty came to India, but what if we tell you that we have something even better, that too made in India? Read along to know what we have in store for you!

There are so many types of sheet masks that you can try!

If you are a sheet mask lover then you have definitely tried all sorts of sheet masks, ranging from different ingredients and benefits to suit your skin. But here we are specifically referring to the type of material used to make sheet masks. Materials like cotton, biocellulose, charcoal, bubble, hydrogel, and the list goes on. 

Each of them provide specific nourishment to your skin. As sheet masks have direct contact with your skin, it is important to know and eventually have a preference over which material shows the best results for your skin type. And today we will give you some #skinsight about Biocellulose sheet masks.

Wondering what is Biocellulose?

Essentially biocellulose is an extremely thin (thinner than a strand of human hair) fiber created in a lab by converting glucose into cellulose. Initially, biocellulose was used for various skin treatments, and seeing its success, it was introduced to the beauty world. 

An extra set of processes are followed when making biocellulose sheet masks. Weaving fibers together with moisture, serums, and all the good stuff that is beneficial for glowing healthy skin. 

These sheet masks give you instant radiance after use and do not contain any harsh chemicals. And if you choose DeBelle Biocellulose sheet masks then your skin is going to have a time of its life!

How are Biocellulose sheet masks different from any other cotton sheet masks?How are Biocellulose sheet masks different from any other cotton sheet masks?

Cotton sheet masks are the most common sheet masks out of the lot. Since cotton is absorbent and comfortable, a lot of people like the idea of cotton sheet masks. It also fits your skin well and does not leave a chance to irritate your skin. 

On the other hand, Biocellulose is super thin and almost feels like a second thin layer of your skin when applied. As a result, it wraps around your face and fits extremely well. You don’t even feel like you’re wearing a sheet mask!

Intriguing, right? Here are a few more key features of Biocellulose sheet masks and why you should prefer them over cotton sheet masks every day!

1. Biocellulose sheet masks are made with care for your skinBest biodegradable sheet mask in india

Biocellulose is developed in a lab over 10 days by converting glucose into cellulose. So naturally, it is always under constant observation and there are a set of people especially working on how to make this process better to deliver skin nourishment and all the goodness in a sheet mask. 

On the other hand, cotton is an absorbent material and all that has to be done is infuse it with a serum to make it into a sheet mask. Biocellulose sheet masks are designed and constantly developed for your skin to give you a worthwhile experience.

In total, there are 3 kinds of common materials used for sheet masks, cotton, microfiber, and biocellulose. Amongst these, biocellulose is considered the most optimum medium to transfer maximum nutrients to your skin

2. Biocellulose sheet masks don’t dry out!

Best biodegradable sheet mask in india

When it comes to Biocellulose sheet masks, they can retain a lot more fluid as compared to cotton sheet masks. This is why every time you use a biocellulose sheet mask, it will not dry out while providing your skin with constant hydration. It will always be moist to eliminate dry skin and leave your skin glowing with a relaxing sensation.

3. Biocellulose sheet masks adhere better to your skinBiocellulose sheet mask

We all know that cotton fabric is light but still essentially a piece of cloth. This piece of cloth simply sits on your face causing folds and cannot wrap itself around the crevices of your skin. This means some parts of your skin remain almost untouched by a cotton sheet mask.

When you use a biocellulose sheet mask, it hugs your skin like it's a part of it. Biocellulose sheet mask adheres to every little part of your skin, persistently hydrating and moisturizing it. This means that all the ingredients of the sheet mask will penetrate deeper into your skin for the best sheet mask session.

4. Biocellulose sheet masks don’t tearWhat is biocellulose sheet mask

While wearing sheet masks, we often massage our skin and relax our facial muscles. During this, cotton sheet masks can tear easily because of their loose fibers drying out. The fibers of biocellulose sheet masks are tightly woven together and are always full of fluids, so you can carry out your facial massages and exercises without any worry!

5. Biocellulose sheet masks are more environmentally-friendly

Best biodegradable sheet mask in india

When you’re taking care of your skin, it’s always better to think about the environment as well! 

With growing non-biodegradable beauty and skin products, biocellulose sheet masks are a boon for your skin and the environment too! These sheet masks are toxin-free, paraben-free and 100% biodegradable!

Evidently, biocellulose sheet masks are revolutionary. Now, if you are wondering where you can get these in India, then visit our product section and choose from a variety of biocellulose sheet masks which are Paraben-free, phthalates-free, & cruelty-free vegan.

Available in variants like Repair & Nourishing, Brightening, Firming, and more! With these sheet masks, you will see noticeable results in your skin right from the first use which will further improve with each use thereafter. Our Biocellulose Sheet Masks are made up of Fermented Coconut Gel that retains the hydration and the potency of its microessence and delivers it into your skin's layers optimally. 

It's time to level up your skincare routine and pamper your skin with DeBelle BioCellulose Sheet Mask!  Explore all the variants here

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