6 Skincare Tips That Dermatologists Swear By

When scrolling through Instagram, it's easy to believe that getting healthy, glowing skin requires revamping your life and, most likely, emptying your bank account. However, it does not have to be difficult! Small changes to your routine can make a big difference in your skin. 

Remember how our mothers told us to put turmeric on our faces for glowing skin? We all have done that, and our mothers have probably been our first personal dermatologists.

But have you ever wondered what dermatologists' skincare routines look like when they're at home alone and no one is looking? We did as well. So we have compiled some skincare tips that dermatologists (and maybe our mothers too) swear by!

Skincare Tips That Dermatologists Swear By  

1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease wear sunscreen!

Experts repeatedly give this skincare tip has been given to us repeatedly by experts, but how many of us religiously follow it? So, let's show you the real picture, the most common cause of wrinkles and fine lines is sun exposure

Dermatologists also believe that the most important tip for healthy, glowing skin is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day. This daily routine will keep you safe from skin cancer, sun spots, and wrinkles. So, if you haven't already, now is the time to get started. 

If you are looking for a sunscreen that blends effortlessly and protects your skin, then DeBelle Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+++ is for you. It is enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive & acne-prone skin. So, never leave the house without sunscreen.

2. Exfoliate, but not too often 

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion and removes excess oil and clogged pores, which can lead to blemishes and acne later on. Exfoliation is required before applying any other skincare product, and the sweet spot is twice to three times per week. Avoid the exfoliating mistake of using harsh beady scrubs, which may irritate you further or even cause scarring.

Stick to gentle chemical exfoliants, such as lactic acid cleanser. This regularly renews your skin, preventing fine lines and minimizing pores overall.

3. Bar soaps are the way to go! 

One of the most heated shower debates is between bar soap and body wash.

While many people avoid bar soap because of its bad reputation, any product that contains water requires a preservative, which is loaded with drying chemicals and surfactants. Because bar soap is made from sodium hydroxide, the formula comprises only soap molecules and moisturizing glycerin. 

There is a common misconception about bar soaps. People believe they are filthy and breeding grounds for germs, but no credible studies have found more bacteria growing on bars.

Today, bar soap is not only for the body but also for your scalp. Indulge in the DeBelle Shampoo Bar with luxurious natural ingredients and essential oils that nourish your skin while also producing zero waste! Do check out our Almonds & Oats Bathing Bar too if you want to switch from body washes to something 100% natural and sustainable!

4. Make use of chemical-free products 

As opposed to traditional globs of thick foundation, chemical-free makeup lines are free of preservatives and harsh substances. Women with skin conditions like eczema or rosacea who don't want to avoid makeup completely will find themselves in their wheelhouse because they avoid products containing parabens, dyes, and fragrances. 

Pro tip: To minimize skin damage while still looking flawless, mix your foundation with your mineral sunscreen. In the active ingredients look for zinc oxide. 

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5. A healthy plate for healthy skin 

One more tip that goes without saying, you are what you eat. So, keep a check on what you are consuming. To achieve healthy and youthful skin, your skin needs to produce enough collagen. A diet based on white bread will not result in clear skin, and that is why dermatologists consume a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables in their diet. 

Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, which give the skin a healthy glow. Some antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to eat include blueberries, strawberries, beans, beets, and spinach.

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6. Lastly, make an appointment with your dermatologist 

Dermatologist appointments are frequently overlooked. A general rule of thumb is to visit your primary care physician at least once a year. However, with the help of such appointments, it is important to stay in close touch with how your skin is reacting to certain skincare routines and products. 

You will be able to maintain healthy skin and be informed about the dangers of UV radiation, skin conditions, and how to treat them once you begin seeing a dermatologist. Till then, we've got your back, and we'll be back soon with some more legitimate and revolutionary skincare tips on our Beauty Blog.

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