2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

As we grappled with the realities of viral hacks, 2021 saw the rise of a slew of makeup trends. Makeup artists embraced frosted eyeshadow and high-shine lips in an explosion of Y2K nostalgia. People tried to draw attention to the only area visible above facial masks by wearing bold, geometric eyes. 

Previously, the beauty industry has been adaptable, but the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact on beauty stores. Consumers today understand that good skin has the power to make any makeup product look well applied, so they are focusing more on improving their skincare routines. 

As wellness became the new luxury in our pandemic world, there was a movement toward healthy, glowing skin. But, halfway into 2022, what will beauty look like for the rest of the year? So we did some digging and found the best beauty trends for 2022.

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge

1. Lipgloss 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

2021 was all about bulletproof matte lipsticks, and we've seen a lipgloss resurgence. Tons of small and large business owners capitalised on the Y2K trend with some exciting lip glosses. You can get your hands on clear ones, glittery ones, and multitasking ones to create some really stunning everyday or fancy looks!

2. Coloured eyeliners 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

We've seen how most coloured liners, particularly brightly coloured ones, can really draw attention to the eyes; this trend will undoubtedly continue into the new year! However, having said that, eyeliners nowadays don't just refer to a classic winged one. Instead, you can go all out with coloured eyeliners to create unique eyeliner looks!

3. Sustainability 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

We are also looking forward to seeing more packaging and ingredients that are based on sustainability, chemical-free and cruelty-free From refillable lipstick to reusable eye masks, true luxury will ultimately and most importantly be about complete sustainability. We at DeBelle are proud to be at the forefront of this beauty trend since day 1.

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4. Graphic, bold, and eye-catching 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

Credit: Ankush Bahuguna/Instagram 

People are expressing themselves in more bold, bright, and graphic ways, and this trend is here to stay. People will use makeup to express themselves more vividly and loudly, combining colours, textures, and shapes. It's inspiring to see men expressing themselves boldly through beauty, from celebrities like Harry Styles launching a nail polish line to Indian influencers like Ankush Bahuguna embracing his makeup skills. After all, beauty is all about having fun and expressing yourself freely.

5. Skincare routine for silky skin 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

A cross between dewy and fresh, silky skin will be very popular. People are becoming more interested in better skincare routines and having access to more active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol than ever before. We believe that skin-friendly and natural ingredients have always been popular.

6. Real skin is in 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

Real people like you and us have always wondered how models and celebrities look so flawlessly photoshopped. Well, hiding flaws and imperfections are a thing of the past, and this year we'll embrace the real and raw with luminous finishes that highlight your actual skin with texture and freckles.

As a result, lightweight complexion products, tinted skin serum, and sunscreens will be popular in 2022. In addition, you may notice a shift away from medium to full coverage formulas in favour of comfortable, breathable, and straight-up natural-looking bases as you shop the shelves of your favourite beauty retailer.

7. Nails Inspired by Nature 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

Intricate nail art isn't going away anytime soon, and you can expect to see a slew of natural-inspired nail designs flood your social media feeds. Geode, desert, floral, and constellation-inspired nail art are popular, particularly among Millennials. Checkout DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer that is enriched with seaweed extract for a gorgeous salon-like manicure at home.

8. Ombre Lips 

2022 Beauty Trends that are already huge!

The ombre lips trend is one that has made a comeback. If you're on social media and enjoy scrolling through Instagram, you've probably seen makeup enthusiasts using their eyebrow pencil as a lip liner instead of lipstick and replacing lipstick with a blush colour and gloss. It has a minimalistic yet elegant appearance and is one of the hacks to use if you're tired of your regular lipsticks.

To achieve a more natural look, apply a slightly pink tone to the centre of the lips and finish with a gloss.

To Sum Up | 2022 Beauty Trends 

Thanks to celebrity beauty lines, brand-new product categories (hello, shampoo bars), and our ongoing obsession with skincare, these beauty trends are here to stay. We hope that this serves as a guide for you to avoid FOMO for the rest of the year. So hop on to these exciting beauty trends for 2022 and express yourself without limits!

Images: Freepik/Unsplash

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