These 12 Foods Are RUINING Your Skin!

Skincare is healthcare.

This is why everything that you consume is directly related to the health of your skin too. Your #nofilter skin truly reflects the kind of lifestyle you have, the food choices you make, the skincare you choose, and your mental peace. Sure you can invest in luxe high-end skincare products and still not see the best results even after following a strict morning and night skincare routine.

Because there is more that your skin needs from you, it needs the right nutrients to remain healthy. Our skin gets these nutrients from the food that we consume. Be it evening snacks, mid-night snacks, frequent cups of coffee during work, binge-eating, and even stress-eating, you need to revisit everything that you eat in a day because that is potentially ruining your skin. 

Junk food is something that we all struggle to give up and it's just easy to open a bag of crunchy potato chips for a quick snack. But in reality, it's doing more harm than good, both, to your body and skin.

There are so many healthier options for snacking and everyday meals that will give your skin the right nutrients without having to compromise on taste. And for that, you need to give up these 12 Foods that are ruining your skin! 

12 Foods That Are Ruining Your Skin

1. French Fries French fries

Fries before guys? That’s about to change forever.

French fries contain refined carbs that can cause inflammation. This can lead to premature wrinkles and make you look aged when you’re in the springtime of life. Instead, try satisfying your craving with sweet potato fries. Don’t deep fry them - just slice and put some olive oil on them, and pop them in the oven. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and this method of cooking them also cuts down on fat.

2. Processed food Processed food side effects on skin

As the name suggests, the food goes through processing and loses its nutrients, and is full of trans fat. So when you eat processed food, all your body gets is trans fat. Your skin cells need the right nourishment to grow and remain healthy. A raw diet can improve your health and prevent any skin problems.

3. Dairy Milk side effects on skin

Dairy products like milk can trigger certain skin conditions. Dairy products contain hormones and antibiotics that can conflict with the hormones in your body and cause inflammation. Try substituting dairy milk with unsweetened milk like coconut milk or almond milk. They do not contain hormones, antibiotics and are also lactose-free. So there’s zero chance of allergies, skin infections, or digestion problems.

4. Alcohol Side effects of alcohol on skin

Moderate drinking is okay, but too much alcohol can cause dehydration leading to dry skin which then highlights your wrinkles, fine lines, and also dark circles. A study has shown that drinking alcohol can speed up the aging process for your skin by depleting collagen. 

There’s no true substitute to alcohol, but switching to clearer alcohols can be helpful as they are low in sugar. Even better if you switch to a refreshing glass of coconut water or sugarcane juice! 

5. Meat Red meat causes skin issues

Woke up with a surprise guest on your face? Puffiness and swollen skin are common effects of consuming processed meat or red meat. Often restaurants add preservatives that cause skin inflammation and prevent the skin to produce collagen needed for youthful skin.

6. Aerated beverages  Beverages that cause acne

Aerated beverages are high in sugar and contain phosphates. An increase in these 2 ingredients can cause aging and wrinkles! The next time when you are out and about, just order a glass of fresh fruit juice and it will be just as refreshing.

7. Chocolate  Chocolates cause acne

Milk chocolate and white chocolate are the source of sugar and also the reason for bad skin. These sugars mess with your insulin levels and can severely affect your skin. Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative. Just look for anything that is 70% cocoa or more and you’re good to go!

8. Fast food Side effects of fast food on skin

Fast food items are irresistible but are also highly fatty. Research has shown that high consumption of fatty and sugary products was associated with adult acne. If you woke up with a zit, it’s probably because you ate fast food the night before.

9. Gluten Gluten free diet for skin

Have you always wondered why “gluten-free” products became so popular in recent times? Gluten is nothing but a protein found in wheat and other common whole grains like oats and barley. Gluten indirectly harms your skin by attacking your gut. When your digestive system is not at its best, it may experience inflammation. Hence, it is suggested to go gluten-free if you are having skin woes. 

10. Spicy food  Spices that cause acne

Masalas, tadkas, are what make Indian cuisine special. But spicy food also causes heat in the body which triggers acne and inflammation of the skin. Avoid spicy food at all costs to save your skin - even if it is your favorite street food.

11. Caffeine Side effects of caffeine on skin health

A morning cup of coffee does help us to wake up. However, it is also a contributing factor to inflammation and acne. Consuming too many cups of coffee can harm your skin and also make your hormones act crazy! Substitute coffee with decaf (de-caffeinated) coffee or herbal tea and your morning beverage can be so much healthier.

12. White bread Does white bread cause acne

Brown bread and multi-grain bread are your best friends when it comes to eating sandwiches. White bread is the most unhealthy bread that lacks nutritional value and causes inflammation which leads to affecting your skin.


Knowing that these foods ruin your skin might be overwhelming. But the key is to understand the language of your skin. Keep track of what you eat and what triggers your skin.

Once you speak the language of your skin, no one can stop you from having healthy and glowing skin. 

If you want to know more about which foods are healthy for your skin then you’ll love this guide. We hope you are ready to make some adjustments in your lifestyle and avoid these food items, take it slow and eventually, your tummy won’t hurt while saying no to these 12 food items that are ruining your skin. 

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