How Niacinamide Can Change Your Skincare Game

Every person dreams to have clear and soft skin, this requires a lot of effort, so let us make it easy for you. You must have surely heard about Niacinamide, there is a lot of buzz around this ingredient these days.

It is now a part of most of your skincare products. The ingredient pops up with several known and unknown benefits, if glowing and radiant looking are two words that describe perfect skin to you then you can have it all in this one ingredient!

We can anyway rattle about this power-packed ingredient forever, but we ars keeping it simple for you - let's get started with the process of knowing this power-packed ingredient and what it has to offer your skin.

What is niacinamide? How Niacinamide Can Change Your Skincare Game

Let's simplify the ingredient, niacinamide is a Vitamin B3 complex that promotes skin health and nurtures the skin. Vitamin B3 is one of the vitamins that our body doesn't produce on its own, yet it is very important for maintaining our skin health.

This has to be supplied to the skin externally hence, niacinamide is used to deliver the essential nourishment. According to researchers niacinamide not only promotes skin health but also protects the skin from the environment and boosts the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

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It improves hydration, reduces signs of aging, diminishes enlarged pores, and significantly lessens skin discoloration. Basically, the ingredient does it all for your skin to be protected and nourished.

The science behind Niacinamide :- How Niacinamide Can Change Your Skincare Game

Before going any further let us understand the background of niacinamide. There are three types of Vitamin B3: niacinamide (nicotinamide), niacin (nicotinic acid), and nicotinamide riboside, they all may sound similar to you but they differ in their structures.

Although Niacinamide is the only one used widely in your skincare products, the rest two are not of any concern to you. Niacinamide is created by your body if you intake a large amount of fish, white meat, vegetables, or various grains. The amount of niacin required for our body depends on our age, gender, and lifestyle.

Benefits of niacinamide :- How Niacinamide Can Change Your Skincare Game

Niacinamide comes with endless benefits for your skin, it provides you the inner glow that you desire, and it has various properties right from restoring the hydration for your skin to protecting your skin from the environment, not only this it also brightens and lightens up the dull sad skin and makes it happy and glowy. How Niacinamide Can Change Your Skincare Game

The list is endless, it does all you desire. It is the single powerful ingredient that provides your skin with the benefits of 10 products in 1. Don't you believe it? Use our niacinamide enriched sheet mask range and feel the change in our skin. Put the ingredient to work while you relax. 

Let's count some benefits on your fingertips 

  1. Promotes skin brightening 
  2. Suitable for all skin types 
  3. Provide a firm and healthy look 
  4. Supports clear skin
  5. Minimizes the visible sign of aging 
  6. reduces clear visible pores without blocking them 
  7. Helps in reducing dark spots and blemishes
  8. Protects skin moisture barrier
  9. Enhances skin protection 
  10. Helps in skin oil regulation 

Niacinamide being a natural vitamin B3 derivative does not harm the skin in any way. It can help improve skin texture and also improve the appearance of acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and wrinkles. It does this by helping skin cells repair damage and function normally.

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It also helps your body absorb and neutralize free radicals, which can cause damage to cells and DNA. Research also suggests that niacinamide helps in ceramide production which helps protect the skin barrier. Researchers also mention that use of niacinamide reduces the danger of skin cancer. the cherry on the cake is niacinamide a dermatologically improved ingredient for skin.

Ever thought about how should I use Niacinamide for the best results? 

This magical ingredient can be used in many different ways, you can select the product according to your preference, let it be a serum or a cream, it will do magic. Studies have shown that niacinamide penetrates the skin and is absorbed by skin cells.

Tips for best results :-

  1. Use the products that stay in contact with your skin for a good period, an cream, lotion, or serum will work best.
  2. Use it twice a day for better results, use it in the form of a night mask, and let the magic happen while you rest
  3. Make sure to use low concentrations of niacinamide as high concentrations can cause skin irritation
  4.  Use your thinnest, most fluid products first, and your thicker creams or oils after

How long does it take for niacinamide to work?

While it is a matter of patience, no product solves all the problems overnight. In the case of niacinamide, it depends on the concentration and product that you use. Some products start to show initial benefits in two weeks, most results will show in four weeks or more. For some, a bit of difference gives them motivation and confidence, so choose your vitamin B3 products wisely.


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