Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

What is more difficult than picking a nail polish shade? Choosing the shape of your nails - of course!

Just like nail polish and nail art trends, nail shape trends, too, change from time to time. The oldest known nail shape trends were the classic short, rounded nails from the early 1920s and the bewitching pointed nails from the late 30s.

Well, both the nail shapes are still very much in trends, but we do have a lot of other new sophisticated as well as some unconventional nail shapes that you can choose from. However, We believe that your nails should always match your personality and look trendy as well, hence we are always bringing you the freshest trend reports for your nails! With this post, we will be sharing the top 5 nail shapes that are trending this year.

Keep on reading this post to find out about the best nail shape for yourself that would suit your personality and your hand shape while making your nails look stylish and up-to-date in 2019.

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

1. Coffin Nails

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

Coffin nails are the sexiest nail trend ever that have been popular on the ‘gram for a while now. From Kardashian-Jenner sisters to Nicki Minaj, you may have seen a lot of celebrities sporting this trendy nail shape and making us jealous with the glimpses of their oh-so-perfect nails in the recent past. Those with an edgy personality and a love for everything-creative would surely want to sport this #1 nail shape trend for 2019.

Here is a myth-buster for you if you have got your eyes on this nail shape - you don't need to apply fake nails or acrylic nail extensions to create this coffin shape, you can shape your natural nails in this way too, even if they are short! This shape looks as sexy on short nails as it does on long ones. Here is a full tutorial on how to do coffin nails shape on natural nails by yourself:-

Goes well with: Ombre nail art designs, Negative space nail art and muted nail colours like DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Natural Blush.

2. Square Nails

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

Square nails look really pretty on those who have slim and long fingers with narrow nail beds. Their sharp and straight edges make the nail beds appear wider. However, their pointy edges snag on fabrics very easily, so you gotta be extra careful with them.

Goes well with: An array of nail art designs, like chevron nail art, plaid nail art, leopard patterns, etc,. Square nails = more room for nail art. Hence, it is the best nail shape for those women who love experimenting with different nail art patterns.

3. Rounded Nails

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

Soft and basic - that's what we would call this nail shape. It works best for women whose nails tend to break or chip very easily. And if you are a woman who doesn't like keeping her nails long, then this would be your go-to nail shape. A lot of classy ladies from the Hollywood like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, and Rachel Weisz were seen having feminine and delicate rounded nails during the Oscars 2019.

Goes well with: Studded nail art designs, accent nails, and glitter nails.

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4. Squoval Nails

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

Squoval nails exude an ambitious and assertive personality! They are basically a hybrid of square and oval nail shapes. You would always spot Kate Middleton and other royal ladies sporting clean, short squoval shaped nails with a coat of light beige nail polish.

If you love having square shaped nails but you always end up accidentally scratching yourself with their edges, then the squoval shape is the right nail shape for you! Besides, squoval nails are way easier to maintain than any other shape as they don't break easily or get stuck to things.

Goes well with: French manicure.

5. Almond Nails

Top 5 Trending Nail Shapes for 2019

Marilyn Monroe's favorite, almond shaped nails give out an elegant, feminine and graceful appeal. They are totally work-appropriate as well. This sophisticated nail shape can make your chubby fingers and short nails look elongated.

Goes well with: Solid manicures, marble effect (similar to quartz effect) nail art designs or chrome nail paints. Explore the DeBelle chrome gel nail lacquers range here.

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