6 Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - latest nail art designs 2019

Do what you can, with what you have got, where you are - that's actually a motivational quote by Theodore Roosevelt that applies in the nail art world, too!

Your nail art stash doesn't have to have tens of different nail polish shades if you wish to create trendy nail art designs that make an impression. You can unleash your creativity with just 1 nail paint too.

So fret not if you currently have only 1 nail shade in your stash or - if you are carrying just 1 cult-favourite nail shade of yours in your travel bag, you can still try out these 6 fun nail art designs that were created using a single polish shade. Don't believe us? Then see them for yourself below!

1. Negative Space Nail Art Design

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - negative space nail art designs

Negative space nail art is a minimalist's favourite nail trend that can easily be done with just one nail shade! It is all about geometric shapes and precise stripes. For this design, you would need a few pieces of striping tape or normal scotch tape cut in thin pieces. Just place the tape on your nails in whichever spot you want your negative space design to be at, and then paint your nails like you normally would. After that, remove the tape carefully while your nail polish is still wet. Your negative space nail art design is ready!

For a thorough tutorial on this design, you can watch the video below.

2. French Manicure Nail Art

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - easy french manicure at home

A very obvious mention in this list, isn't it?

Believe it or not, French manicure nail art can actually be done with only one nail polish. Well, most women like to do this classic nail art over a pale pink or cream coloured base coat, but as we mentioned in the beginning of the post, sometimes you gotta wing it with what you have!

You can totally skip applying any kind of base coat before going in with white nail polish to create the French Mani on your nail tips. No one would actually notice that the other half of your nails is bare. But if you have a top coat or a basic clear nail polish, you can add a coat or two of it to add a shine to the bare part of your nails.

3. Studded Nail Art

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - studded nail art  designs


Got some pretty gold or silver coloured rhinestones laying around? Just stick them on your freshly painted nails to make your solid manicure look fab in an instant! You can use nail glue or resin to stick the rhinestones on. If you don't have either of them, then carefully place them on your nails while your nail polish is still wet. The wet nail polish will make the rhinestones adhere to your nails temporarily. You can further secure them in with a clear top coat.

4. Temporary Nail Art With Bindi Stickers

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - bindi nail art

Using Bindi stickers as an enhancement for your nails is an ultimate life hack that you are absolutely going to love! We have already shared this super cool last minute nail art hack in our post 10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point, but we are resharing it for those of you who happened to miss it.

You don't have to do anything fancy for this one, just apply two coats of the nail polish that you have, give it sufficient time to dry and then place bindi stickers on your nails (or just on the accent nail). The bindi will be the prettiest enhancement that you can add to your nail look when you are short on time and you want your nails to look glamorous. To make sure that the bindi doesn't fall off that easily, you can seal it in with a top coat.

5. Gradient Accent Nail Art

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - gradient accent nails

You may have mostly seen people use 2 or more shades of nail polishes to create a gradient or ombre effect on the nails. The same gradient technique can be replicated using a sponge even if you have just one nail polish. Watch cutepolish's video tutorial below to learn how to do gradient nail art with only one nail shade (+ check out 4 more trendy nail art designs with 1 nail polish)

6. Half Moon Manicure / Crescent Moon Nails

Nail Art Designs With Just 1 Nail Polish - crescent moon nail art


Half moon manicure is basically the opposite of French manicure. In this nail art design, you leave the half-moon shaped part of your nail (near the cuticles) bare and paint the rest of your nail in a vibrant colour. You can easily do this nail art using round reinforcement stickers or round bindis as guides for the half moon shape.

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