What Is A 5-free Nail Polish?

What Is A 5-free Nail Polish - DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers

While painting our nails, how many of us actually concern ourselves with what all chemicals go into our nail polishes and how badly they can affect us?

Painting nails surely seems like a fun and harmless process - plus, who doesn't like flaunting pretty and colourful nails? But the thing you may not know about your pretty manicures is that you might be putting yourself at risk by not poring over the ingredient list of your polishes before donning them on your nails!

There are certain chemicals present in standard nail polishes that pose harmful long-term side-effects for our skin, health, and of course - our nails. People who work in nail salons are more prone to the risks and diseases lead by those chemicals due to prolonged exposure to them.

If we be more specific, there is a set of 5 common harsh chemicals, also known as the "toxic fives", present in nail polishes that has the most significant damaging effects on our nails and health.

Know About The Toxic Fives

1. Dibutyl Phthalate - Abbreviated as DBP, Dibutyl Phthalate is a quite common ingredient belonging to the phthalates chemical family which is present in regular nail polishes. It is used as a plasticizer that improves the lasting power of nail polishes and prevents early chipping. In various scientific lab tests, it has been suspected of causing cancer and birth defects.

    Hence, in 2004, The European Union banned the use of DBP in personal care and cosmetic products. Despite the ban, a lot of cosmetic brands continue to use it in their nail polishes.

    2. Formaldehyde - This strong-smelling chemical is used in nail polishes as a hardener and strengthener. The exposure to its harmful fumes is linked to asthma and nasal cancer. Children, as well as adults with extreme sensitivities are more vulnerable to its harmful effects.

    3. Formaldehyde Resin - Also referred as tosylamide formaldehyde resin, this chemical is a by-product of Formaldehyde. When both of these ingredients are bound together, they improve the longevity of the nail polish and also add a glossy shine to the nail polish finish.

    4. Camphor - Camphor is a scented substance which is distilled from the wood of the camphor tree. Although it is a natural ingredient, these days, most brands use camphor in their nail polishes which is synthetically manufactured. Synthetic camphor carries a lot of side-effects for your skin and health, that includes skin irritation, migraines, dizziness, and nausea.

      5. Toluene - A sweet-smelling but highly toxic petrochemical, you would find this ingredient not just in your nail polishes, but also in wall paints, shellac, adhesives and a lot of other items that you might be exposed to in your regular life. The fumes emitted by toluene can irritate your eyes and may also lead to neurotoxic syndrome.

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        What Is A 5-free Nail Polish?

        5-free nail polishes are formulated without the use of the nasty-fives you just read about above. Brands may use natural and non-toxic alternatives to these 5 chemicals in their nail polishes to preserve the formulation of the polishes and maintain their staying power on the nails. A 5-free nail polish would usually come with a 5-free label, you can also inspect the ingredients list to see if any of these toxic fives are listed in it.

        How Is A 5-free Nail Polish Helpful For Your Nails?

        Our nails and the skin surrounding them, are porous, hence, they can easily absorb anything that sits atop them - including the toxic chemicals from the nail polishes that are not 5-free.

        Doing away with these "big five" toxic chemicals in your nail polish might not make any noticeable difference in your manicure's appearance, but it holds a great deal of weight when it comes to the overall health of your nails and nail beds.

        Over time, repeated use of these 5 toxic chemicals can weaken your nails and permanently stain them, making your natural nails appear totally unflattering. Due to weakening of the nail beds caused by the chemicals, your nails may also become brittle and break very easily. So if you are fond of growing long and beautiful natural nails, then it is time that you toss your chemical-filled nail polishes and add 5-free nail polishes to your stash!

        DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers don't just come with a completely safe, 5-free formula, but they also have added benefits of natural seaweed extracts that promote your nails' health and keep them protected. Explore the exciting shade range of natural and safe gel nail lacquers from DeBelle here.

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