How Seaweed Extracts Work For Your Nails

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Seas are a house to many mysterious creatures and species of the earth, some of them which are yet to be discovered. Out of all the wonders and mysteries, the potent and nutritious seaweeds from the sea are one of its greatest gifts to us. 

Seaweed is the common name for all the countless species of nutritious marine plants present deep down in the seas. The most popular types of seaweeds include kelp, nori, gim, and wakame. They come power packed with high amounts of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and a ton of other nutrients that are healthful.

Most of the seaweeds are non-poisonous, hence, they are safe for consumption. To obtain the nutritive compounds of seaweed and improve your health, you can include it in your daily diet, just like the Koreans do. Or, you can take seaweed based supplements to get the best out of them.

Here is a surprising fact that not many people are aware of; Seaweed extracts are not only great for our health and for boosting our overall immunity, but they are also quite beneficial for strengthening our nails. With this post, you will learn all about how seaweed extracts are beneficial for your nails and the right way to include them in your nailcare regime, so that you can have flawless looking natural nails! 

How Seaweed Extracts Work For Your Nails

1. They Harden Your Nails & Encourage Their Growth

How Seaweed Extracts Work For Your Nails

Seaweed extracts have a form of Vitamin B called "Biotin" which hardens the nails and encourages their growth. It is also known to cure brittle nail syndrome that makes the nail plate fragile and ragged. 

Besides that, seaweed extracts help to make the keratin structure of the nails stronger. So if your nails are prone to chipping or breaking, this magical ingredient is what you need to grow longer and healthier nails! 

2. They Help Your Nails Breathe & Prevent Yellow Nails 

How Seaweed Extracts Work For Your Nails

Using a nail polish that contains Seaweed extracts instead of using a regular polish off the market makes a lot of difference. In terms of the looks of your manicure, you may not notice any significant difference while comparing the finish of a regular polish and a seaweed enriched polish on your nails. However, their formulations can impact your nail beds differently. 

If you are fond of wearing coloured nail polishes all the time and you tend to pick the cheaper ones, you may have noticed how they make your nails look yellow once you take them off. So, have you ever wondered what causes your nails to turn yellow?

Well, it is all due to those supposedly "normal" nail polishes that you use! Majority of them are formulated with toxic chemicals (Read - What Is A 5-free Nail Polish? to know about the 5 toxic chemicals in nail polishes) that can weaken your nails and stain them badly. Nail polishes that contain seaweed extracts help your nails to breath and prevent yellowing of the nails. Moreover, they also keep your nails nourished, hydrated and healthy.

3. They Protect Your Nails 

How Seaweed Extracts Work For Your Nails

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for cosmetic products that are all-natural. Everyone wants to use the products that contain natural properties of exotic plants. The whole facet of makeup and beauty is changing. So why torture your nails with harsh chemicals when you can use DeBelle Nail Lacquers instead? Our Gel Nail Lacquers are enriched with the all the goodness and nutrients of natural seaweed extracts. They not only enhance the beauty of your nails, but also protect and condition them well! And the best part is, they are available in the trendiest of shades that you can try out for different occasions.

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