Tips To Care For Your Cuticles & Grow Stronger Nails

We all want healthy, perfectly manicured nails, whether you're the type of person who religiously paints your nails as a form of self-care or someone who is constantly picking and biting at your cuticles. Well-kept nails make you look instantly pleasing to the eye and can even make your hands look younger.

Our nail-care experts are here with what you should be doing for your nails to counteract the effects of extra hand-washing and missed salon visits.

Here's is everything you need to know about your cuticles and how to care for them at home.

1. Purchase a cuticle remover.

First, cleanly trim and file your nails into the desired shape. Then, using a cuticle remover, moisten your cuticle area. This will lift the cuticle away from the nail plate, allowing you to see what needs to be pushed back.

2. Then, gently push back.

You can carefully push back the cuticle with a cuticle pusher. After that, wash the cuticle remover off the nail plate with soap and water and cut whatever is hanging. Remember, you only need to remove the excess dead skin. It is never a good idea to cut around the nail plate.

3. Cuticles should not be cut.

According to dermatologists, there is no reason to cut the cuticles. Cutting them could result in infection or irritation. When the cuticle is removed, the space is left open for anything to enter.Cuticle cutting can cause nail issues such as ridges, white spots, or lines. In addition, a bacterial infection in that area can impede the growth of that fingernail. That's not particularly attractive, and it's  also  uncomfortable.

4. Instead of a metal pusher, use an orange wood stick.

Use a wooden orange stick to gently push your cuticles back to make your nails appear longer. Metal pushers can be very rough on your nail plate, causing tiny dents that can be painful. In addition, cuticles are supposed to be soft, and using metal pushers can harden them, making them more likely to fracture. Switching from metal pushers to orange wood sticks can help you be more gentle on your nails.

5. Rough Manicurists should be avoided.


People frequently complain after visiting a new nail salon and having a harsh nail technician.They usually have an infection caused by over-vigorous manipulation, which causes redness and soreness. Inform your salon-manicurist that you want your cuticles pushed back softly with an orange stick before getting your nails done. If they push the cuticles too hard, tell them to stop immediately.

6. Avoid using drying agents.

Hands, nails, and cuticles can dry due to frequent dishwashing and acetone-containing nail polish remover. As a result, experts advise wearing gloves when doing dishes and using acetone-free nail polish remover. In addition, you can use the DeBelle nail polish wipes that contain Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, & vitamin E that moisturise your nails & cuticles while also removing your nail polish effectively! You should always wear gloves when washing clothes or dishes.

7. Quit biting your nails.

Your mouth is filthy, and saliva contains an enzyme that breaks down skin. If you break the cuticle, you could get an infection. So, if you tend to bite your nails or nibble on your cuticles, try to break the habit of more beautiful, healthier hands. A great way to stop biting your nails is to paint them often with pretty nail art; this way, you won't feel like ruining them!

8. Use cuticle oil.

After you've pushed back and trimmed your cuticles, moisturise them with cuticle oil. To get deeper moisturisation, make sure you apply it to clean nails. Let the oil sink for a few minutes before gently massaging it if you're polishing. After allowing it to soak in, wipe away the excess with a cotton ball, and your hands are ready for a cute manicure!

9. Don't forget to bring sunscreen.

It is also critical to apply sunscreen to your hands and nails daily. The skin beneath your nails can be as sensitive as the rest of your skin. You'll also avoid premature sun spots on your hands as a result. Check out the DeBelle Mineral Sunscreen, which is enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc and is an oxygenzone-free, protective, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 50+++ that protects your skin from the sun's harsh UVA and UVB rays.

10. Don't forget to look after your nail tools as well.

Sanitizing your nail tools between usage is just as essential as cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, and for the same reason: bacteria. To keep your nails infection-free, disinfect your nail files, cuticle pushers, nail clippers, and so on because you don't want dead skin cells and bacteria to return with unclean tools.

All the steps mentioned earlier show the best results when practiced religiously. So make sure you implement a cuticle care routine once a week to have happy and healthy nails.

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