10 White Nail Art Design Ideas

White is a powerful non-color that exudes cleanliness, optimism, and fierceness. It's a versatile shade that complements every skin tone and is suitable for various occasions. Whether you're aiming for an iconic white manicure or looking for nail design inspiration.

We've gathered 10 stunning white nail design ideas to inspire your next white nail art look! But first, get your hands on Vanilla Croissant, the perfect one-coat white you need to conquer life.

1.Glazed donut

Achieve a glistening, pale-white manicure similar to Hailey Bieber's "glazed donut" look using chrome powders or Marshmallow Crush

2. White swirls          

Create chic and eye-catching swirls on a milky white base coat like DeBelle Nail Primer or go bare. 

3.White daisies

Daisy-print nail art is not only adorable, but it is also simple to freehand, even for a nail-art beginner. Using white and yellow polish, you can make your own salon-like manicure in under 30 minutes.

4.Whispy lines                  

If you wear this nail art, we bet people won’t stop complimenting your nails, especially when you tell them you did them at home! You can use all your favourite colours and paint lines from the cuticle halfway down your nail. The best part is that the lines do not have to be perfect!

5.Negative space Y2K     

 Y2K style is really in these days and with this nail art you can hop on the trend too! Melting smiley faces, checkered pattern, sparkles and thunder bolts prints have taken over the fashion industry and now the nail industry too!

6.Very cherry     

The cherry is currently at the centre of one of the many beauty trends, including nail art. This is one trend you won't want to miss this season, whether it's an accent nail with small cherries all over or just one cherry hanging on the french smile line.

7. Chevron with a twist                                            

 French manicure has evolved through the years; it's no longer just plain dull white tip nails. So here’s one to make french manicures more exciting and extra. Chevron french tips are easier to do, and using a glittery gold like Sirius for the sparkle is a match made in heaven.


The best way to make those neon colors pop is to layer them on a white base. It makes nail art more vibrant and creates the perfect contrast. You can make these confetti dots using some household items with your favourite  neons from the Candy Skittles bundle.

9.Cow print

It's the fun and summer-ready update your mani desperately needed. The most incredible thing about cow print nail art is how simple it appears. In this case, minor imperfections will only add to your spotted look, as opposed to the complete and utter precision needed to do other nail arts.

10.Go retro

When we talk Y2K nails, we can’t leave retro nails behind. This monochrome black and white nail art are so basic yet elegant. They go with any outfit you wear, and the design instantly reminds you of your younger, playful side

If you think that white is your kind of colour too, then you should surely pick one of these for your next manicure. After spending time doing your nail art, we don’t want it to chip the very next day! So make sure you top it off with DeBelle Top & Base Coat or the DeBelle Matte Top Coat to make your nail art last long and take it to the next level. Which of these white nail art designs was your favourite? Let us know.

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