Fall Nail Trends

Fall Nail Trends

Mother nature shows us her prettiest lot of colours during the fall season! The joy of walking on crunchy leaves, seeing the leaves change their colour from green to beautiful hues of yellow and orange, we get to experience the splendour of mother nature during this time of the year to the fullest. This new season brings in a lot of fashion trends with it, inspired by traditional autumnal colours and patterns. And while we are talking about fashion trends, we cannot just forget about nails!

Nail art trends evolve with fashion trends. We get to see a lot of unique nail trends on the ramps during A/W fashion shows that we can take inspiration from. Through this post, we are sharing some of the best fall nail trends for 2018 that you should try out! Let the fall vibes set-in on your tips!

Fall Nail Trends

1. The ‘Gram Famous Cherry Nails

Fall Nail Trends

Cherry nails are currently the center of attention on the ‘gram! With a neutral base and a pop of red or pink colour for the cherries, you can easily recreate this now-trending nail art. Check out our shades Natural Blush, French Affair and Mystique Green to do these cherry nails by yourself at home!

2. The Classic All-Maroon Fall Nails

‘Tis the season for bold nails!

Fall season is the best time of the year to flaunt dark, grunge-y and bold colours like maroon or deep reds on your tips. Pair these dark toned nails with a nice light coloured sweater during this sweater weather and get an ultra chic look.

Check out Glamorous Garnet and Moulin Rouge from our richly pigmented natural gel nail lacquers range.

3. Crystal Nails

Fall nail trends

Source: CNDVideo 

Take your classic fall maroon manicure to a new level with this crystal nail design. Use pieces of iridescent foil cut in the shapes of crystals and stick them to your nails to get this nail look.

4. Leopard Nails With A New Twist

Fall Nail Trends

Move over the typical combination of gold and black or white and black for leopard prints on your nails. Now is the time for leopard nails with a striking neon shade of pink like Fuschia Rose.

This design was spotted on Jeremy Scott's A/W runway show.

5. Fall Colours Inspired Water Marble Nails

Fall Nail Trends

Water marbling technique is your cheat sheet to get an expensive looking manicure with minimum efforts! Try this technique with autumnal colours like reds, browns, orange, deep blue, etc,. to recreate this beautiful design by @mypolishedtips13.

6. Fall Tree Nails

Fall Nail Trends

The beauty of fall season lies in the vibrant colours that the trees show us! This stunning yet easy to draw nail art design by @talialouisenails portrays the beauty of fall trees beautifully. You can do this nail art simply by using dotticure method.

7. Elegant Blue Floral Nails

Fall Nail Trends

Source: notoriosnails/Instagram

Accentuate the beauty of your blue manicure with floral accent patterns! Create the intricate floral details using a fine nail art brush and your favourite nail colours. Add nail studs on your accent nail to further beautify the look.

8. Tortoiseshell Nails

Fall Nail Trends

The blend of earthy shades can create this beautiful tortoiseshell design which is quite new in the nail art world! You can do this pattern just on your accent nail and paint rest of your nails with a neutral colour.

9. Metallic Reverse French Manicure

Fall Nail Trends

Source: Goodhousekeeping

Doing elaborate nail art designs is not everyone's cup of tea! This is when French manicures and reverse French manicure designs like the one shown above come to the rescue. You can do this design in two simple steps - firstly, paint your nails with a metallic silver shade like Chrome Silver from our collection. Then, use a darker colour to paint your nails, leaving a little gap on the cuticle side to let the metallic shade show through.

You can use reinforcements  stickers as guide for the reverse french manicure and get a cleaner look!

10. Metallic Accent Nails

Fall Nail Trends

Our post wouldn't have completed without this oh-so-gorgeous trendy fall nail art design with metallic gold detailing! This design is giving us major fall vibes. Try it out with a neutral base and a Chrome Gold polish. Use dry brush nail art technique to create the gold accents on your nails.

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