Bracelet Nail Art Designs

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

It was just two years ago when the internet went all cray-cray over a fascinating nail art trend that was created with threads. Yep, sewing threads - not kidding!

We are talking about the famous bracelet nail art design which was first created by a Korea based celebrity nail artist Park Eunkyung who also has her own brand of nails jewellery named Unistella Nails. She is known for her extraordinary manicures.

For this bracelet nail art design, she got inspiration from friendship bands that are made with threads and have tiny sized embellishments of different shapes. It may sound like a crazy idea, but don't judge it until you see the pictures of bracelet nail art designs below. Check out 7 bracelet nail art designs in this post. We have also found you a YouTube tutorial through which, you can learn how to do bracelet nail art in simple steps. Keep on scrolling!

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

The Original Bracelet Nail Art Design

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

Source: Nail_unistella

This is the original bracelet nail art design which was created by Park E. back in May 2016. It took no time to go viral in Asia and eventually, all around the globe. You may still spot this nail art design in magazine covers and ramps.

Easy Bracelet Nail Art Design With Striping Tape

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

Cutting a sewing thread to the perfect length and then sticking it properly to your nails is not an easy task! Here is a little hack - you can use striping tapes and nail art pearl strings in place of colourful threads. Thanks to Instagrammer @_maysecond_ for this wonderful and super easy inspiration for the bracelet nail art.

Black & Red Bracelet Nail Art Design

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

This is the copy of the original bracelet nail art design created by a YouTuber and Blogger, Lucy. She used black and red sewing threads for the bracelet part and golden embellishments to further enhance the design’s look. She has a full tutorial on how to do bracelet nail art design on her blog. You can also check out her video tutorial below.

Bracelet Nail Art Design Over Shattered Glass Nails

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

The famous shattered glass nails trend was also started by the same nail artist who gave us the bracelet nail art design. The combination of both of these trends created by Park Eunkyung is just beyond the world!

For the shattered nails design, you can use an iridescent foil which can be easily bought from any stationary shop. Cut the iridescent foil in small pieces, the pieces don't have to be of the same size or shape since we are creating a shattered design which is going to be imperfectly perfect! Stick the pieces on your nails, keeping some distance.

Use bright coloured thread for the bracelet design over shattered design so that it pops out more.

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Bracelet Nail Art With Nail Polish

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

As we mentioned, sticking pieces of threads on the nails is not an easy task if you are doing your manicure at home. So here is an another hack with which, you can ace the bracelet nail art design without all that painstakingly long process of sticking threads. You can use different coloured nail paints to draw lines that mimic the threads in the bracelet. For embellishments, use nail art studs with a nail glue. That's all!

The Beaded Bracelet Nail Art

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

This one is a little tricky - but with a little bit of trial and error, you can easily achieve this design! For this design, you will need a beaded thread. Secure the beads in a single piece of thread before you glue it on to your nails to ensure that the beads don't fall off. Use a top coat to seal in the thread and the beads properly. The colourful beads over a solid base colour will make your nails look very cool!

Bracelet Nail Art With A Toothpick

Bracelet Nail Art Designs

Thanks to manicurist Madeline Poole for this easiest-of-them-all bracelet nail art design which can be done with just a toothpick. Yes, you read that right! This design will look the best with two contrasting colours. For base shade, go with a dark maroon or blue colour and for the thread, go with a chrome gold shade. Firstly, use two even coats of the base colour and let it dry. Then for the threads, dip a toothpick in the gold nail shade and slide it diagonally on your nail across your nail. Repeat it once more, but this time, draw it in a different angle. Your easy peasy bracelet nail art is ready!

Who wants to be normal when you can be unique? Try out these bracelet nail art design and share the pictures of your manicure on Instagram with hashtag #DeBelleNails!

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