Spring Nail Trends For 2019

Spring Nail Trends For 2019 - spring nails ideas

After the chilly months of winters comes the jolly and blooming season of spring!

This beautiful season filled with cozy sunshine and the constant soothing chirps of birds brings in inundation of new and chic fashion trends for us. The change in the season gives us nail art freaks the perfect opportunity to up our nail game and try out the newest trends for our nails too - inspired straight from the runways and red carpets!

If you are a woman who loves to sport the latest trends on her tips, then take a look at the unconventional yet very much wearable nail art inspirations for this season that await you below!

Spring Nail Trends For 2019

1. Multicoloured Nails in Pastels - a lazy girl's fav nail trend!

Spring nail polish colors 2019


Why pick just one colour when you can wear a mix of all of them on your tips?

This multicolour/mismatched nail art trend is truly a blessing for all the lazy girls out there who want to have fab nails, but don't have much time to invest in doing elaborated nail arts. With this kind of nail art trend, you can choose to go monotonous and pick different nail polish shades of the same colour - or you can go for multicoloured pastel hues, the choice is all yours! The pastel beauties shown in the picture above are from our gel lacquers collection, the shades are (L to R) :- Fuschia Rose, Vintage Frost, Cocoa Bean and Laura Aura. You would surely love these shades as your spring nail polish colors for 2019.

2. Soft Glittery Glam - inspired by gemstones

Spring Nail Trends For 2019 - Nail designs for spring


We have had enough of those glitzy nails in the year 2018. ‘Tis the season for some minimalistic nail art trends with just a slight touch of glam. If you are looking for simple spring nails ideas, here is one! A gemstone inspired nail art over a pastel or nude nail shade, as shown above, would keep both - the minimalists and the maximalists happy.

Gel nails spring ideas


Here is a similar gemstone inspired nail art with our DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer as the base shade.

3. Pressed Flower Nails - the prettiest nail trend from Korea

spring nail art 2019


Flowers are nature's most beautiful gifts to us!

This dainty nail art trend originated in Korea has had the hearts of nail art freaks across the globe. It has those essential floral and feminine vibes of the spring season.

If you love yourself some floral nail art with real flowers, then you would surely be a fan of this nail trend! Yes, the flowers you see in the nail art above are actually real. You can buy these dried flowers for nails from any store that carries nail art supplies, they are also available on Amazon and AliExpress for prices as low as Rs.100!

4. Living Coral - wear the colour of the year!

Spring nail polish colors


The “buoyant and effervescent” colour - living coral was chosen as the Pantone Colour Of The Year 2019. And soon after the announcement was made, a ton of new trends submerged in this lively colour started flourishing in the fashion world.

If you want to do away with nail arts this season and opt for just simple painted nails, then pick this stunning coral colour that you can wear all year around in 2019.

Besides, you can never go wrong with solid coloured nails that make a statement, right? Check out DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer in shade Princess Belle.

5. Funky Yellow

Easy spring nails diy ideas


Prep yourself up for the upcoming summer season with this bright and fun yellow nail art - which is totally apt for the springs too! Created with a very uplifting yellow shade (Caramelo Yellow) from our collection, this nail art will keep your dull days away with its vibrancy and the beautiful floral patterns.

6. Shattered Glass & Flakies

Nail art for spring 2019 | Shattered Glass Nail Art


Shattered glass nails were a huge fad about a couple of years back - and undoubtedly, they still are! This nail art design gives your nails an optical illusion of shattered glass with iridescent hues. And no, you don't need to use an actual glass to create this cool design. All you need is iridescent cellophane film chopped in small pieces and a nice pastel base colour of your choice.

Just stick the pieces of cellophane film onto your painted nails, maintaining a little gap between each piece to give it the “shattered” effect. When the trend initially emerged from Korea, it was mostly worn over dark black polish. The trend is back yet again, this time in pastel hues.

Easy spring nails diy ideas 2019


And if you fancy golden tones in your nail arts, you would love this combination of DeBelle's Tahiti Teal and gold flakies.

7. Breezy Blues With Roses

 Floral spring nails diy ideas


The colour blue signifies tranquility and serenity, which is what spring season is all about! Don this pretty shade of blue with adorable rose patterns and white accents. Wouldn't it look great as a spring nail art for short nails?

Check out the shades Blueberry Bliss and Royale Cocktail from our collection! 

8. Cherry Blossom Nails

cherry blossom spring nail art 2019

What is spring without cherry blossoms?

These mesmerizing pink flowers bloom in Japan around the springtime and they are quite a sight to see! Well, not a lot of us are lucky enough to enjoy their sight in real life since these beauties grow in only certain parts of the world, but we can at least flaunt them on our nails - right? @prettyprincesspolish has used shades “Peony Blossom” and “Laura Aura” from our collection to create this stunning nail art.

9. Go Green

Nail designs for spring

Get closer to the nature with a green leafy nail art this spring, inspired by @itskittynails! This magical nail was created using “Mystique Green” from our collection.

Loved these nail designs for spring? Follow us on Instagram at @debellecosmetix for more such latest nail art inspirations and use the hashtag #DeBelleNails to share your creations with us. Also let us know - what are your favorite nail trends this season?

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