10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

We are currently living in an era of fashion conscious people. We all want our outfit, makeup and hair game to be on point round the clock - then how can we forget about our nails?

Your nails being a major part of your personal style, deserve to look fab everyday! Through this post, we are here to tell you about the 10 nifty tips that will help you to always keep your nail game on point.

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

Some simple tricks to make your life easy for your at home manicure sessions!

Clean Your Nails Before Painting Them

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

Any oil residue or dirt left on your bare nails can affect the longevity of the nail polish . It would not adhere to your nails properly due to the layer of dirt or oil on their surface and thus, it will start to chip really fast.

You can avoid this by simply cleaning your nails with a little bit of acetone before painting them. The acetone will completely remove the layer of residues and dirt from your nails and they will be ready to be painted! As acetone is a bit drying for the nails, you may replace it with some vinegar diluted in water. Soak a Q-Tip in diluted vinegar and use it to clean your nails. After that, Wash and pat dry your nails before you paint them.

Pick Up Less Polish On The Brush

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

Picking up excess polish on the brush and then applying thick coats of polish on your nails makes the manicure look globby. Moreover, such manicure can take forever to dry and it will smudge very easily.

Always wipe off the excess amount of polish on the neck of the nail polish bottle before applying it on your nails. Thin nail polish coats dry in seconds and they do not appear to be globby once they have dried.

Our DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers provide a perfect finish in just two very thin coats. The pigmented formula provides maximum opaqueness with an immaculate shine that lasts for days. Check the whole range here.

Opt For Gel Based Nail Polishes

Gel based nail polishes are hands down a better choice than normal nail polishes. Reason? They have longer staying power than normal nail polishes do. A gel manicure can last for up to 15 days without chipping or fading. And the best part is, gel nail polishes have a specialized formula that give your manicure a very glossy finish and an appealing look! Your manicure’s glossy shine would not fade away until you will remove the manicure by yourself!

Those days are long gone when you had to visit a nail salon to get a gel manicure done by a professional manicurist and pay them your hard earned money!

Get A Professional Looking Finish By Cleaning Your Cuticles

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

No matter how stable your hands may be, You can never paint your nails without getting some of the nail polish on your cuticles.. No, Not even in the parallel universe!

But once you have finished painting your nails, you can easily clean off the excess polish using a slanted eyeliner brush dipped in a nail polish remover.

A manicure can only look neat and precise if your cuticle lines are clean. So cleaning off The cuticles is a must. To make this cleaning process a bit easier for yourself, you can use a latex barrier on your cuticles or apply any kind of lotion on them so that the polish does not stick to your skin. If you don't have a slanted brush, you may use a small paint brush instead.

Cap Your Manicure To Make It Last Long

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

When we do our manicure at home, we forget about a very crucial step that manicurists in salons follow, to make the manicure last longer and prevent chipping on the tips. That is, capping the free edges of the nails with the nail polish. This step seals the polish in and makes the free edges of your nails look neat. Do this step after you have applied the final coat of your nail polish. Make sure to pick only the tiniest amount of nail polish on the brush while doing this, otherwise your manicure will look bumpy on the tips.

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No Time For Nail Art? Decorate Your Nails With Bindi Stickers!

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point


We shared this hack in our earlier article as well and we could not help but share it again in this one because it is so cool! Good things deserve to be shared again, right?

Nail art studs available in the market in different shapes and sizes can be easily glued onto nails for an added oomph factor. But when you are in a hurry and you want to glam up your painted nails in a jiffy, you can just stick bindis on your nails and they would look exactly like nail studs! Yes, they are only for temporary enhancement of your nails, but look at the bright side, you will have an elegant looking manicure in a matter of a few seconds!

Experiment With Different Nail Shapes & Nail Polish Shades

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

Experimentation leads you to discover and create your own personal style. It helps you to determine what kind of new trends match your personal taste and style the best. So don't always stick to a particular nail shape or a nail polish shade that you have been wearing for years. Explore the latest nail trends and try out the latest nail shapes, colours and nail art designs to make your nail game strong.

Make Your Manicure Look Effortlessly Gorgeous With A Holo Top Coat

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

Holographic nails have been in trends for as long as we can remember, the credit goes to Instagram for keeping this head-turner trend still alive!

A mesmerizing holo top coat can completely change the look of your manicure. You may use a holo top coat over any nail polish shade of your choice. You can also do an accent nail art and many other such nail arts using a holo top coat.

Want to know a little secret? A holo glitter top coat makes your manicure last longer due to its formulation that adheres the glitter particles to the nails. How awesome is that!

Take a look at our holo glitter top coat.

Don't Paint Your Nails Outside Or Near A Fan

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

It may sound like a weird tip, but there is a reason behind it!

If you paint your nails outside or near a fan, the winds will disrupt the drying process of your nail polish and form small air bubbles on your nails which would spoil the look of your whole manicure. You must be knowing how annoying those air bubbles look on the manicure if you have ever experienced such kind of situation before! But now you know how you can avoid them. So do keep this tip in mind the next time you paint your nails.

Planning To Go On No-Nail Polish Mode For A Few Days? Make Your Natural Nails Look Perfect With This Soak!

10 Tips To Get Your Nail Game On Point

You should give your nails a break of a few days between each manicure. This helps them to stay healthy and grow stronger.

While you are giving your nails a break from polish, you can pamper them with nail soaks which can whiten them and make them appear healthy. An easy nail whitening soak can be prepared using just apple cider vinegar and water. Take them in equal quantities and soak your nails in the mixture for up to 20 minutes. Tea tree essential oil can also be added to this soak to make it more effective!

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