Nail Art Trends Of 2018

Nail Art Trends Of 2018

Creativity knows no bounds and when creativity meets the right match, it sets trends!

We are half way through 2018 and the nail art trends that we have come across so far do not disappoint us! In fact, most of them are inspired by the runways and yet, they are very much wearable and easy to replicate - without having to go to an expensive nail salon or getting special nail art tools.

You can create these trendy nail art designs with the nail shades that you might already have in your stash. Or maybe, these designs can give you a reason to expand your nail paints collection and add new shades that are going to be in trends this year - just saying! We update our wardrobe every year with new fashion ensembles that are in trends, so why not do it for our nails too?

Let's explore the top nail art trends of 2018.

Nail Art Trends Of 2018

Timeless Red Manicure

Nail Art Trends Of 2018


A classy red manicure will never go out of trends! We can't imagine a world without red nail paints can we?

Paint your nails in your favourite hue of red or maroon and that would make your nails be a statement on their own. If you feel a little extra creative, then you can add nail art studs of gold and black colour to further enhance the look of your red manicure.

Psst.. Want to bedazzle your red manicure quickly and don't have nail art studs? Simply use bindi stickers! They would work great to temporarily glamorize your nails!

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Pantone Colour Of The Year 2018 Inspired Nails

 Nail Art Trends Of 2018

Every year, pantone announces a unique colour as the “Pantone Colour Of The Year” which then inspires fashion, makeup and nail trends for the whole year. This year's Pantone colour is vivid purple which is being described as “dramatically proactive and thoughtful”. In simple words - it is just stunning and very “off the wall” kind of shade that would look truly amazing on the nails!

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Simple Moon Band Accent Nails

Nail Art Trends Of 2018 

Whoever created the concept of accent nails deserves a medal. Well, seriously, it is the best lazy-girl manicure trend that never dies. It literally takes a couple of minutes to do and makes your manicure look more unique.

This recent accent nail art design spotted by Imaxtree can be easily achieved with a nude nail polish and black acrylic paint. Freehand a black curved line on your ring finger nail so that it makes a half moon design on the lower half part of your nail, that's all! You have your moon band accent nail manicure. Super easy, isn't it?

Negative Space Nail Art With Chrome Nail Paint

 Nail Art Trends Of 2018

Negative space nail art is not new, but it has now gotten a new upgrade with chrome nail shades!

Chrome nails have been in trends since the beginning of this year. You can sport chrome nails with a twist by turning it into a negative space manicure. Use binder reinforcement stickers as guides on lower half part of your nails. Similarly, you can use strips of Scotch tape to create other patterns for the negative space nail art. A silver or rustic gold chrome polish is the best option for this design, but you can experiment with other shades too.

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Squiggles Nail Art Design

 Nail Art Trends Of 2018

This colourful design is effortless and very summer appropriate! Paint thin stripes of different colours in the middle of your nails. Instagram nail artist @ChelseaQueen has used a combination of pink, green, blue, yellow and red shades for the stripes. Use a fine nail art or an eyeliner brush to make such thin stripes. Alternatively, you can also use tape as guides for straight and thin lines.

For drawing the squiggly black lines, just take a black pen or a marker.

Bonus tip: Amp up the look of your squiggles nail art design with a holographic glitter gel nail top coat.

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