10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Painting nails is not a tough job! But when we do our manicure at home, we may make some mistakes that can ruin the look of our whole manicure. We have brought you a list of 10 nail polish mistakes to avoid - because we want you to nail your nail game and not fail it!

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Applying Too Much Polish

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Thick coats of polish on the nails not just look unappealing, but they take forever to dry!

Make sure to wipe excess polish from the brush on the bottle’s neck. You need only the tiniest amount of polish on the brush for a nice, thin and even coat!

Using Multiple Strokes To Apply Polish

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

There is a science behind painting nails!

If you apply your nail polish in multiple strokes, then you will end up with a streaky and botched up manicure. No matter how many coats of polish that you would apply over a streaky manicure, it will not look smooth.

We have already shared a full article on How To Paint Your Nail Perfectly, but just to give you a small summary of that post, here is a chart with which you can learn how to apply your nail polish precisely in just three strokes!

Shaking The Polish Bottle Before Application

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

It is a common habit of women to shake nail polish bottle before they apply it on the nails, although nail polish bottles don't come with any such instructions like hair products or deos do!

Shaking the polish bottle prior to application forms small bubbles in the polish formula which then transfer to your nails.

Instead of shaking it, you should roll your nail polish bottle between your palms by keeping it upside down so that all the chemicals can mix well.

Not Waiting Between The Coats

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

A single coat of polish tends to chip very easily and fast, hence, it is recommended that you apply at least two coats of polish to ensure the longevity and get better, shiner finish. But if you apply the second coat right after applying the first one, the first coat would not get enough time to dry and it will start to smudge when you will try to apply the second one!

Wait for at least 2 to 5 minutes between each coats of the nail polish so that it gets enough time to dry.

Dipping Freshly Painted Nails In Water

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

You may have come across a viral life-hack on the internet that says dipping freshly painted nails in water can dry them instantly by solidifying the polish. But if you do that with hot, lukewarm or room temperature water, small air bubbles will form on your nails and the nail polish would not dry either! You can make this hack work only with icy cold water.

Taking A Shower Right After Painting Nails

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Such annoying small air bubbles may also form on your nails if you take a hot shower right after painting your nails! The steam from the hot shower will make your nail polish smudge and bubble in no time! Give your manicure at least 30 minutes to 1 hour so that it can completely dry before you take a shower.

Using A UV Nail Lamp

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Source: medicaldaily.com

UV nail lamps that are used to harden gel nail polish manicures done at salons have a huge health risk!

Doctors have warned that such UV lamps may pose a skin cancer risk. Their constant use can be bad for your skin.

Robin Evans, a dermatologist in private practice in Stamford, Connecticut and a clinical instructor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine shared her thoughts about UVA exposure at nail salons with online portal - SheKnows.

While being asked about the potential risks involving the use of UV nail lamps, she said that such lamps emit ultraviolet A radiation, which is linked to skin cancer. So the areas of your body that are exposed over and over (to the UV radiations) are at a greater risk.

Peeling Off Old Nail Polish

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Most of us are guilty of picking off old nail polish once we see a chipped nail - aren't we? We know that it is hard to resist the urge to scrape off the nail polish if you see a chipped nail, but doing so may not be good for the health of your nails!

Peeling off nail polish from your nails can damage the top most layer of your nails. It is a better idea to always have a pack of pre-moistened nail polish remover wipes handy so that you can remove the nail polish quickly when you see a chip

Getting Acrylics & UV Gel Manicure From Salon

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

A lot of women prefer to get acrylics or UV gel nail manicures done at salons as they believe that such manicures can last for upto 15 days to 1 months easily. Well, there is no doubt about its longevity, but most women don't realize that acrylic and UV gel manicures are really bad for the nails!

Acrylic and UV gel nails don't allow your nails to breathe at all. These expensive manicures also carry a potential risk of fungal nail infections. Adding to that, the removal process of such manicures, which can only be done by a professional, puts pressure on the nail beds which further leads to weakening of the nails and is very difficult. The professionals usually use a metal tool to scrape the polish from the nail base which can cause indents on the nails.

If you like the feel and look of a UV gel nail manicure then you can try our range of naturally enriched gel based nail lacquers that come with special seaweed extract which allows your nails to breathe!

Using A Nail Polish Filed With Toxic Chemicals

10 Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

You thought your nails don't get affected by the use of toxic chemicals present in various nail polishes? You might be wrong here!

Toxic chemicals commonly used in nail polishes include DBP (DIBUTYL PHTHALATE), Toluene, Formaldehyde and many more. These chemicals are hazardous and their consistent use can damage your nails and may also have a negative impact on your health in a long run.

Always go for 5-free nail polishes that come with additional benefits of natural ingredients! Read more about our Gel Nail Lacquers collection here.

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