8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

With the quarantine under effect we’re all stuck at home but that doesn’t mean our skincare routines need to take a pause! Here are some things to keep in mind and skincare tips to follow during the quarantine period. Let’s get one step closer to healthy flawless skin during this time.

8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

1. Moisturize! Moisturize! And Moisturize!8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

The number one problem you would perhaps notice while you stay at home is perhaps dry skin. Washing and sanitizing your hands frequently can leave them feeling dry and lifeless. Use a moisturizer enriched with all natural extracts to keep your skin feeling healthy and soft.

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2. Don’t neglect SPF 8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

You might think that since you are not stepping out and into the sun as much SPF is something that you don’t need but that’s not true at all! The sun’s rays and UVA rays can impact you even while you are indoors which puts you under the risk of premature aging and other skin problems.

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3. Careful with screentime 8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

We’ve all heard that excessive screentime is not good for us but did you know that it could also affect your skin? Blue light, also known as high energy visible (HEV) light emitted by your devices can have harmful effects on your skin such as prematuring aging and causing dark spots. So take care of the amount of time you spend looking at screens! Using bluelight filters can be a great help too.

4. Exfoliate when necessary 8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

Everyone’s skin is of a different type and even different at different times. When you feel exfoliation is what you need then please exfoliate. A gentle exfoliator enriched with natural extracts and free from toxins is your best bet. The difference it can make will leave you in awe.

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5. Try not to touch your face8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

The environment at this time can seem stressful with changes in schedules, diet, exercise and other factors breakouts can be common! Not touching your face isn’t just a great tip to keep Coronavirus at bay but it is perfect for keeping your skin looking great too.

6. Face Masks! 8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

The occasional facemask as a part of your nighttime routine is a great way to keep your skin nourished and glowing. Plus, it’s just such a relaxing experience. Simply, a great way to relax during the quarantine.

7. Have a routine8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

Changes in your routine can lead to havoc on your skin. Follow a daily schedule and routine. Exercise, eat well, drink plenty of water, and do what you need to do to feel alright. Love and take care of yourself during this period, it’ll pay off.

8. Think of this as a time to rejuvenate8 Skincare Tips To Follow During The Quarantine

Maybe the lockdown isn’t all bad, it’s all about perspective. Now that we don’t have to wear as much makeup as we usually do our skin gets a break. Skin regimes can also be made simpler and you have more time to pamper yourself. Take advantage of this and come out the quarantine looking prettier than ever.

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