Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

After the harsh and scorching summer season comes the pleasant season of monsoon as a big relief! But do our skin problems go away with the summers? Unfortunately not!

Monsoon season brings a whole new barrage of skin problems like acne, fungal infections, rashes, dull skin, and much more. These issues keep us from enjoying this most beautiful time of the year to the fullest.

Today, we are sharing top monsoon skincare tips and DIYs that are going to make it easier for you to battle skin woes during this season! Read them below.

Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

1. Include These Natural Antibacterial Ingredients In Your Skincare Routine

Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

Due to the increased humidity levels in the environment during monsoons, our skin attracts a lot of dirt that gets stuck in our facial pores and leads to acne breakouts!

To prevent this, the best solution is to include antibacterial ingredients in your skincare routine that can reduce acne causing bacteria on the skin. Some of the natural antibacterial ingredients are Neem, Tea Tree, Honey,Turmeric and Green Tea. You can use these ingredients in many ways for homemade DIY skincare products.

For example, you can grind neem leaves with rose water and make its thick paste which can be used to deeply cleanse your skin after a tiring day out. Below are a couple of DIYs more with these ingredients!

- DIY Honey And Tomato Pulp Face Pack

Take 2 tablespoons of honey and pulp of 1 tomato in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to the mixture to increase its effectiveness. Apply the mixture evenly on your face and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Wash off the face pack with lukewarm water and pat dry your skin. This natural face pack will give you a radiant skin while removing all the acne causing bacteria from your facial pores!

- DIY Tea Tree Oil And Basil At-Home Steam Treatment

Tea tree essential oil is a very potent antibacterial ingredient which is helpful in reduction of acne and bacteria. Since it is an essential oil, you cannot use it directly on your skin unless you mix it with a “carrier” ingredient. But you can use it for a steam treatment to kill the bacteria on your skin and unclog your pores instantly!

Along with tea tree oil, you can also use Basil (known as Tulsi in India) which is another great natural antibacterial ingredient available in all parts of India. For your at-home steam treatment for your skin, you will require

  • 5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 5-6 Basil Leaves
  • A pot of hot water
  • A towel

How to use

Add tea tree essential oil and Basil leaves to the hot water pot. Keep your face about two feet away from the pot and cover your head with a towel so that the steam does not escape. Take the steam for about 10 minutes. After this steam treatment, your skin will feel clean and re-energized!

For the moisturization part, get your hands on our affordable DeBelle Skin Moisturizer Green Tea Infusion which is loaded with antibacterial and antioxidant properties of green tea!

2. Exfoliate With Papaya

 Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

Skin exfoliation is not something that you do only during the monsoon season, you should exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to avoid clogged pores and remove blackheads. But try not to over-exfoliate or use harsh ingredients for exfoliation as it will remove all the natural oils from your skin that are necessary for your skin to stay moisturized and look healthy! You might also end up with red and irritated skin due to over-exfoliation.

Here is a DIY recipe of Papaya scrub which is very gentle for your skin and it is perfect to be used during monsoon season!

You need:

  • Half cup of mashed Papaya
  • Yogurt
  • 1 tbsp of Honey

Mix all three ingredients well and massage the mixture on your skin using circular motions. Let the mixture sit on your face for up to 5 minutes and rinse it off with cold water so that your pores can close.

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3. Keep Your Skin’s pH Levels Balanced With A Toner

Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

Monsoon season can really mess up with your skin's normal pH levels and make it either too dry or too oily. You would not want to experience either of these skin woes, right? The easiest way to prevent both of these scenarios is to use toners that will keep the pH levels of your skin balanced.

If you are new to the skincare world you might be wondering what a toner is and what exactly does it do. To answer your questions in layman's terms, toner is a skincare product, typically a water based one, which is used right after washing the face with a cleanser. It preps the skin for moisturization by removing excess dirt and oil which could not get removed by the cleanser. It also adds much-needed hydration to the skin and restores the pH balance. To use a toner, you have to pour it on a cotton ball or a cotton pad and then spread the toner all over your face and neck with it.

Here are two DIY natural toner recipes for two different skin types:

- DIY Face Toner For Oily Skin With Black Plum

Black plum (aka Jamun in Hindi) is an antioxidant rich seasonal fruit which is a great natural astringent hence, it works great as a toner for oily skin.Grind the black plums with a little bit of distilled water to make its juice and use it with a cotton ball or cotton pad. It will not have a long shelf life so make it in small batches only!

- DIY Face Toner For Dry Skin With Cucumber

This DIY toner is the easiest one to make, all you have to do is grind cucumber slices and strain the juice. You can also use the cucumber juice as a face mist to refresh your skin when the humidity in monsoon gets you!

4. Detoxify Your Skin If You Get Drenched In The Rain

Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

You may have heard that rain water is the purest form of soft water and it is safe for your skin, but that is a half-truth!

Rain brings down harsh pollutants suspended in the environment with it, that is how rainwater becomes unsafe for your skin and hair!

So if by chance you get drenched in the rain, you might want to detoxify your skin to clean out the impurities with a clay based face pack.

There are different types of skin-friendly clays which we have talked about in one of our posts earlier, but the most commonly used clay based face pack is the Multani Mitti (Fuller's earth) one. It is well suited for all skin types and it is quite affordable too.

Another great ingredient for detoxifying face pack is egg white! Take one egg white in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon to it. Whisk the mixture and apply it on your face. Keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

You can also try out our one of the latest launches - the two-in-one DeBelle Facial Exfoliator + Mask which is available in two variants - Apricot Bloom and Lime Light. This dual action scrub + mask detoxifies your facial pores, without making your skin dry or flaky. 

5. Take Extra Care Of Your Feet Because They Are Going To Suffer The Most!

Top Monsoon Skincare Tips & DIYs

Feet fungal infections are way too common in monsoon season than they are in any other time of the year! Reason? Wet mud, dirty water on roads, puddles and dampness in the environment. We already have a post on our blog about How to do a relaxing foot spa at home which you must definitely check out, but we are sharing 3 simple tips here especially for feet-care during monsoon!

Tip #1: Keep your toenails short

Dirt and bacteria that gets gathered underneath long toenails can lead to fungal infections. So keep your toenails short and clean the area around them properly whenever you wash your feet.

Tip #2: Thoroughly clean your feet once you're back home

Add an antiseptic liquid in lukewarm water and clean your feet with it immediately after you come back home. Also, scrub your feet twice a week to remove dirt and dead skin cells build up.

Tip #3: Wear open toed shoes

If you wear open sandals and flip-flops during monsoon season, the dirt and water would not get trapped around your feet and they will remain dry.

We hope that by following these tips and trying out the easy DIYs mentioned above, you will be able to forget about all your skincare woes during this monsoon season! Enjoy the long drives in monsoon and relish delicious hot pakodas with tea. Happy monsoons!

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