Perfect Summer Nail Colours According To Your Skin Tone

latest nail polish colors for summer 2021

Choosing a nail polish shade which complements your skin tone is the right way to go than just randomly picking one that catches your fancy!

There are certain nail polish colours that go well with only specific skin tones. Using the wrong kind of nail shade can make your hands appear aged or dull. If you are struggling to find trending nail polish colours for summer 2021 for yourself that will complement your skin tone, then this post will help you out! Check out the season's hottest nail colours according to your skin tone and get your summer manicure on point!

Perfect Summer Nail Colours According To Your Skin Tone

1. The Peppy & Bright Orange

Bright orange nail polish - latest nail polish colors for summer 2021

Ideal summer nail colour for: All skin tones, especially for dusky to deeper complexions.

This summer, put your nails on the spotlight with a bright orange manicure that will catch all the eyes! Try out the peppy carrot orange shade called Tangerine Sheen. 

Tangerine Sheen is surely going to inspire you to sip on your Tropical Orange Punch or Mimosa by the bay and pose for ‘gram-worthy pictures with your manicure. This orange beauty has warm undertones and hence, it will look fabulous on all Indian skin tones, but specifically on dusky complexions.

2. Subtle & Pretty Dusty Pink

Dusty pink nail polish shade - latest nail polish colors for summer 2021

Ideal summer nail colour for: Fair to light skin tones.

Want a break from those bold nail shades that are always all the rage during the fall and winters? Pick this subtle, light dusty pink shade from our collection called “Peony Blossom”. It is the perfect nude nail shade for fair or light complexions.

3. Oceanic Blues

Teal blue nail polish colour - latest nail polish colors for summer 2021

 Ideal summer nail colour for: Olive skin tones.

There is nothing like the feeling of the ocean waves and warm sand between your toes! A beach vacay may not be on the cards for us, owing to the current situation. But we are pretty sure that this teal nail polish shade which mimics the mesmerizing colours of the deep oceans will uplift your mood! 

Pair it with our Chrome Gold shade on your accent nails to add the vibes of golden sand to your manicure!

According to celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi, such kind of oceany-green nail shades make your hands appear bronzed/tanned. So if you are aiming for that tanned, honey-skin look this season, go for a shade like Tahiti Teal.

Don't forget to use the DeBelle Top & Base Coat to prep your nails and to seal in your manicure, it will ensure that your manicure stays intact, without chipping or fading.

4. Sombre Grey

Grey nail polish colour for summers

Ideal summer nail colour for: Fair skin tone.

For a neutral manicure that would go well with all the outfits in your summer wardrobe, pick this sombre grey shade. You can certainly never go wrong with a neutral shade like this one! Remember that nail shades which have a neutral or a blue undertone look the best on beauties with a pale skin tone and cool or neutral undertones.

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5. Glimmers & Shimmers

Real holographic nail polish in india

Ideal summer nail colour for: All skin tones.

Let your nails sparkle in the summers' sunshines with our shade Sparkling Dust that you can pair with any nail shade of your choice! Its tiny holo flecks reflect light beautifully and provide your nails an immaculate shine.

It is a very long-lasting nail polish and easy to remove as well! Try out our Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes for a one-swipe removal of just any nail polish - be it an intensely pigmented nail shade or a glitter one. 

6. Mellow Yellow

Ideal summer nail colour for: Dusky to deep Indian skin tones.

For that “dipped in sunlight” kind of summer manicure, go with this pastel yellow nail shade from DeBelle gel nail lacquers collection named Yellow Topaz. It looks lovely against olive-Indian complexions since it has bright and warm hues. This nail shade is from our Gemstones Nail Lacquers collection and is inspired by the ethereal yellow topaz gemstones. 

7. The Go-To Beige

Best beige nail polish shade for work india

Ideal summer nail colour for: Olive Indian skin tone.

Beige nail shades (like Natural Blush from our collection) stay in trends all through the year. They suit well on olive-Indian skin tones and don't look washed out. Furthermore, such beige-nude shades make your natural nail beds appear wider. So if you have narrow nail beds and you want them to look wider, try out the go-to beige shade - Natural Blush this season.

8. Dewy Violet

Best violet nail polish shade in india

Ideal summer nail colour for: Light skin tone.

Beauties with fair or light complexions can totally rock a pastel violet/purple nail shade like our Viola Dew during the summer 2021. Pastel shades are quite apt for lighter complexions, and if you love pastel nail shades, you may also want to take a look at the shades Mystique Green, Blueberry Bliss and Mint Amor from our nail lacquers range! 

Our nail shades range has expanded! Don't forget to explore our latest Galaxie and Fleur Bouquet collections!

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