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Best Nail Polish Remover in India: “Life is too short to have naked nails - Anonymous”

While this may be true to a certain level, we surely do know that we need to give our nails some breathing space. Our nail polish removal and nail care regime gives us the exact excuse to do that. During the same, what matters the most is the products that we use and the effect they have on our nails.

Nail polish removers are always a staple product in nail care regimes. When they were introduced, liquid nail polish removers came as a boon, and as the time passed, we began to notice the disadvantages they came with.

According to a lot of nail polish lovers who love to change their nails shades often, the following are some troubles that they face while using liquid nail polish removers:

Disadvantages of liquid nail polish removers

  • “It can be easily spilled, I have to be extremely careful while trying to get it out of the bottle...”
  • “I never know the actual amount to use, often leaving the cotton ball dripping of excessive liquid...”
  • “Cleaning with a cotton ball/cotton pad dipped in liquid nail polish remover leaves lints on my nail surface that stick to my nail polish and nail cracks...”
  • “The liquids are sticky, leaving an uncomfortable feeling on my nails..”
  • “The smell... oh! I cannot stand the lingering chemical smell the liquid nail polish remover leaves post its usage. Also, the fumes that come out of such removers irritate my nose!”

There are still umpteen number of reasons apart from this that people have started to prefer using the latest nail product in the market - nail polish remover wipes, instead of the traditional nail polish remover liquid. Interestingly, as it turns out, there are quite a few requirements for a nail polish remover to be ‘right’.

These are some of the features that people should look for in their nail polish remover wipes:

  • It must be acetone-free (of course!) - so that the health of your nails doesn't get affected when used frequently.
  • It should easily remove even the darkest tint of nail polish from all the edges of the nails. 
  • It should not dry out the nails as it makes them vulnerable to damage.
  • It should be nourishing for the nails.
  • It should be travel-friendly, and easy to carry so that you can change your nail polish or just remove the existing one on the go!
  • It should not be dripping-wet with excess nail polish remover formula as it would make the removal process a total mess. 
  • It should be free of bad odors. 
  • Nail polish remover wipes should be made up of cotton that wouldn't leave any lint behind. 

We are about to talk about our one of the latest launches nail polish remover wipes that have an ability to enrich your nails - not a disadvantage of damaging them. 

During this festive season in 2020, we at DeBelle Cosmetics launched a range of acetone free nail polish remover wipes - ones that pass all the requirements of an accurately concocted formula for keeping your nails as beautiful as they should be. 

Using our jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin E enriched nail polish remover wipes will make your nails appear shiny and healthy - naturally. Do away with acetone based nail polish remover wipes that are a hazard to not just the health of your nails, but your overall health as well.

If you are on a hunt for the best nail polish remover in India, you need to look no further. With this post, we are going to tell you all about why you should opt for DeBelle nail polish remover wipes:

DeBelle Nail Polish Remover Wipes Features - The Best Nail Polish Remover in India Online

  • They are acetone-free, hence giving your nails the best treatment that they deserve. 
  • They come in the cutest small packages - making it easy to carry them anywhere, anytime!
  • The small airtight round tubs that they come in don't allow the wipes to dry out. 
  • We go with the “ONE SWIPE - NO FUSS - MOISTURIZING” principle - all in one. You only have to swipe once to remove any nail shade from your nails - and what’s more, you can clean up to 10 finger nails effectively with one wipe. That means you would use only one wipe during one cleaning regime - how cool would that be!
  • DeBelle remover wipes can easily get rid of the darkest, oblique/glitter shades without any hassle in a single swipe motion over your nails
  • DeBelle remover wipes provide you with clean and fresh nails that can breathe, removing the nail polish from every nook and corner and around the edges. 
  • They are made up of 100% pure cotton which is lint-free! Therefore, you have to give no second thoughts before starting your next manicure! 
  • They nourish your nails and cuticles - all thanks to some special magical ingredients we have added. Our unique formulation is infused with exquisite ingredients such as Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E. 
  • The rich constituents of our wipes have the non-drying quality which doesn't weaken your nails - thereby giving all-round enrichment to your nails and cuticles. 
  • They are available in three special fragrances - Blueberry Blush, Green Tea Gush, and Lemon Lush - all three are ready to push your nails to glory

So what is making you wait? Head over to our online store to grab your favourite variant of our current best-seller - DeBelle Nail Polish Remover wipes.

Choose the nail polish remover fragrance that you like the best -

DeBelle Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes Blueberry BlushNail Polish Removal Made Easy - Best Nail Polish Remover in India

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DeBelle Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes Green Tea GushNail Polish Removal Made Easy - Best Nail Polish Remover in India

DeBelle Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes Lime LushNail Polish Removal Made Easy - Best Nail Polish Remover in India

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Let us know about your pick in the comments section below, and don't forget to share this post with your nail polish lover friends who should definitely get their hands on our new launch!

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