8 Cute & Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

8 Cute & Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

The day of love, i.e. Valentine's day is right around the corner and we hope that your plans for the perfect date with your significant other are sorted! After all, this day is about spending a wonderful time with that special person in your life and expressing your love to them.

When you are dolling up from head to toe for your Valentine's day date with bae, your nails should not be left out! With all this magic of love in the air, we are definitely in the mood for some Valentine's day inspired nail art designs.. Are you?

If your answer is yes, then you are going to enjoy this compilation of Valentine's day nail art designs that we are sharing with you today! Keep on scrolling to check them out and watch their tutorials so that you can try them out by yourself!

P.S. - An exciting news awaits you at the end of this post, don't miss it! 

8 Cute & Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

Hearts Dotticure Valentine's Day Nail Art

Wear your heart on your nails!

Valentine's day is all about hearts! So what can be a better nail art design than this red hearts dotticure to celebrate this occasion! It can be done in a combination of white and pink nail polish shades as well, the choice is yours!

If you have a thing for easy peasy dotticure nail art designs, then you might like to check out this another very cute dotticure design over a white base!

Drag Marble Heart Valentine's Day Nail Art With A Needle

You will be surprised to see how quickly and easily this drag marble heart nail art design can be done just by using a few nail polishes of different shades and a needle to do the "drag" marble pattern! Watch the whole tutorial from LifeWorldWomen to learn the easiest way to do this nail art.

Kisses Valentine's Day Nail Art

How cute are these patterns of lips on the nails! YouTuber Kelli Marissa used three nail polish shades as base on each nail and corresponding shades on them to create the lips patterns with a detailing brush.

Using a brush to create such tiny patterns may seem challenging at first, but you will get hang of it. You can use a Q-Tip dipped in acetone to clean up any mess, without ruining the base.

Negative Space Hearts Valentine's Day Nail Art

A good change from the usual hearts nail art designs! We bet that this negative space hearts nail art for Valentine's Day would look the best with our Gel Nail Lacquers - Bebe Kiss (pink) and French Affair (red), What do you think? 

Here is a Valentine's day nail art that our DeBelle girl @n.sareen on Instagram did with this combo..

8 Cute & Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

Love Letter Valentine's Day Nail Art

Love letters are cheesy, but adorable at the same time.. Aren't they?

Writing love letter has become kind of old school these days since it is an era of texting and E-cards. So how about you reminisce the sweet memories of penning down a letter for your loved one with this love letter inspired Valentine's Day nail art?
This nail art design uses the easy newspaper technique for the text imprint on nails.

Heart Beat Valentine's Day Nail Art

This easy nail art will take you hardly 5 minutes to complete! For this design, YouTuber Lady Cherry has used a white nail polish as the base, red nail polish to create the heart on ring finger nail and a red gel pen to create EKG lines on the rest of the nails.

You can get creative with your nail art designs by using gel pens of different colours when you are in a hurry!

Heart And Flower French Manicure Valentine's Day Nail Art

French manicure never goes out of style! They have been in trends since forever.

This beautiful and elegant nail art with heart and flower patterns is for all you classy ladies who love to sport French manicure with a modern twist!

Wide French Manicure Valentine's Day Nail Art With Rhinestones

Don't have the time or patience to do nail art? Simply, go for this wide French manicure nail art design and add rhinestones on your nails as shown in the tutorial above!

We hope that you liked these cute & easy nail arts for Valentine's day! Now it is time to reveal the exciting news that we mentioned in the beginning of the post..

It’s a new Month and while it's the shortest month, but yet, very importantly, the month of love❣️! So here we are celebrating the season of Love with #IHeartDeBelle which translates to “I ❣️ The Beautiful”.

We believe beauty begins from within, so loving yourself is the first step! Let’s spread some love with the DeBelle Valentine's Day contest:

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